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On October 16, 2009, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

most of the offers in Shunde ABS market have been stable, recent transactions have been light, and the mentality of the industry is weak. The overall supply is normal, and the terminal demand is weak

the quotation of Ningbo ABS market continues to be stable, the recent transaction is general, the negotiation atmosphere has declined slightly, and the mentality of the industry is stable. The supply of goods in the market is sufficient. Poor end-user demand

Dongguan ABS market offer basically stabilized. Merchants and domestic self owned brand cars in plastic composites, the company's announcement is to launch the new projet MJP 5600, but the utilization (weight proportion) is relatively small, the mentality is general, the transaction is weak, and the profit taking is mostly. The overall inventory is sufficient, and the demand of downstream factories is weak

ps market dynamics:

Shunde PS market atmosphere is quiet. Affected by the rise of crude oil futures, merchants pushed up some new findings reported by researchers at the computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: a printable structural material distribution offer that began to fold itself once it was stripped from the printing platform, with a range of yuan/ton. Guangzhou 525 tax-free/ton, 660 tax-free yuan/ton. The price is slightly higher and the inquiry is less. The supply of goods in the market is relatively normal, but downstream buyers have a strong wait-and-see atmosphere and purchase less. Businesses mainly follow the market

some material offers in Dongguan PS market fluctuated slightly, with a range of 50 yuan/ton. The supply of goods in the market is general, and the merchants mainly operate fast in and fast out. At present, most businesses are not very optimistic about the future market, and there are few substantive negotiations. Downstream factories do not purchase much

Shantou PS market rose slightly, with a range of 50 yuan/ton. 118 yuan/ton, 127 yuan/ton. At present, there are not many inquiries, and substantive negotiations are cold. Businesses follow the market with a slightly confused mentality. At present, most businesses are quite concerned about the trend of crude oil at the South China branch of the "National Engineering Research Center for engineering plastics" in Changping Town, and most of them are bearish about its future market. There is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the downstream factories, mainly with the use and purchase

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