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On October 14, 2009, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

Shunde ABS market offer basically stabilized, and some slightly weakened by 50 yuan/ton. There were not many transactions yesterday, and the traders' mentality was general. The overall supply is normal, and the terminal demand is weak

Dongguan ABS market offer basically stabilized. The financing range of most businesses is between 5million and 50million yuan. The mentality is general, the transaction is not good, and the market inquiry is less. The overall inventory is sufficient, and the demand of downstream factories is weak

most quotations in Yuyao ABS market were stable. The atmosphere was average, and the transaction was poor. Most supplies are sufficient. The demand of end buyers is weak

ps market dynamics:

Shunde PS market atmosphere was cold, and some expected offers fell slightly, with a range of yuan/ton. Guangzhou 525 tax free declaration 9200 yuan/ton, 660 tax free declaration 9550 yuan/ton, the actual shipment has negotiation space. It is reported that there are few inquiries and shipments. The supply of goods in the market is general, and merchants mainly follow the market. Low toxic gas content; The purchasing interest of end buyers is low

the rise in Dongguan PS market was weak, and the offer fluctuated in a narrow range, with a range of yuan. If converted into powder/ton. Merchants follow the market and increase their shipping intention. There are not many substantive negotiations, and the downstream buyers have no strong intention to cover their positions

the atmosphere of Shenzhen PS market is quiet and the offer is basically stable. Guangzhou 525 tax-free 9100 yuan/ton, 660 tax-free yuan/ton. The supply of most materials is relatively normal, and some materials are in short supply. The business mentality is general, and the trading is done step by step. The majority of businesses change hands, and the downstream real procurement volume is small

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