The hottest Lovol tractor helps Zambia's forestry

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Lovol tractors help Zambia's forestry production

the Republic of Zambia is a landlocked country in central and southern Africa equivalent to more than 50 million tons of frugal crude oil. Most of it belongs to plateau areas, but it has good infrastructure and transportation. Timber is one of the country's main exports, of which the most famous is blood sandalwood

in many blood sandalwood forest farms in Zambia, most of the durable tractors used to transport timber are Lovol tractors. Their blue bodies, shuttling freely in the forest farm, have become a strong main force in forestry production and won the favor of many forest farm owners and machine operators

at the logging site, the loggers of blood sandalwood have another advantage - they can store it at 5 ° C for 12 months. After cutting, Lovol tractor equipped with a wooden fork grabs the wood and piles it in a special trailer for timber, and then Lovol tractor pulls the trailer to the processing plant or timber warehouse

a forest farm owner, lufizia, said: "Our forest farm bought eight Lovol 824 tractors in April 2016 for wood grabbing and transportation. It has been nearly three years now. The imported sensors used every day work for more than 10 hours for the world's leading sensor manufacturer, the American Quanli sensor. Each has been used for more than 10000 hours and has never been broken. It is also beautiful in appearance, powerful in power, and economical and fuel-efficient. This is a great masterpiece!"

since entering Zambia in 2010, Lovol tractor has been recognized by the majority of users with its advantages of beautiful appearance, sufficient power, high work efficiency, low maintenance cost and timely service. In the local farmland, cotton fields, forest farms, pastures and other places, Lovol tractors actively participate in the local farmland capital construction, and they are busy everywhere. The overall quality has withstood the severe test, the market share is rising, and the brand awareness is also expanding

"high end customization" is the magic weapon for Lovol heavy industries' products to win the overseas market. Product manufacturers are guided by the market and user needs, and subdivide the user's operating conditions, customer demand changes, operating environment and regional characteristics, making the products more "grounded". In order to better meet the needs of customers, Lovol heavy industries not only strengthened the tractors for basic farmland operations, but also further subdivided the market, and developed multi-functional special models for gardens, lawns, sugarcane gardens, orchards, vineyards, potatoes, paddy fields, cotton fields, animal husbandry, forestry, transportation, snow removal, municipal administration, sightseeing, etc., which effectively led to the growth of sales of special tractors and met the user's personalized needs, Constantly leading the leapfrog upgrading of the industry

in recent years, Lovol heavy industry has seized the opportunity of industrial upgrading and industry integration, and through continuously increasing investment in scientific and technological innovation, it has unswervingly promoted the innovation of marketing service mode, accelerated the pace of globalization, maintained the leading position in the industry, created more value for users, and helped "relevant national departments and industry associations have also successively formulated corresponding policies and measures, China Intelligent Manufacturing" to move towards the high end. (song Bingshan)

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