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Lovol teaches Shanxi users new technology of grain harvesting

Lovol teaches Shanxi users new technology of grain harvesting

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recently, the Lovol Ceres harvesting machinery harvesting operation training course hosted by Shanxi Youyu County Agricultural Machinery Bureau and undertaken by Shanxi new technology agricultural machinery company was held in new technology agricultural machinery company. Service engineers from Lovol apos group carried out training on the combination of theory and practice around Lovol Ceres' new coarse grain harvester and the technical problems that should be paid attention to in the process of coarse grain harvest

at the training site, Lovol Ceres GF series harvesters were the main products. This series of products is the preferred product for harvesters in domestic coarse grain planting areas. For several consecutive years, Lovol Ceres GF series harvesters have maintained an absolute market share in the field of coarse grain harvesters, which once reached more than 99%, which fully reflects the automatic zeroing of Lovol Ceres harvester 2.1: after the beginning of the experiment, mechanical specialty The dedicated product R & D concept and ultra-high customer satisfaction can be improved from time to time with the development of experimental machine measurement and control technology and the change of experimental specifications, but due to the enrichment of test configuration. Taking Youyu County as an example, more than 20 Lovol Ceres gf60 wheeled grain harvesters have been sold since 2015, and 6 users paid a deposit on site during this training course. The relevant person in charge of Youyu County Agricultural Machinery Administration said that the effect of LOVOL cereals harvesting machinery is the best at present. This series of products has formed a relatively mature operation scheme in the whole county, which can meet the needs of Youyu county's grain harvest, and will play an important role in the rapid mechanization of Youyu county's grain harvest

Lovol teaches Shanxi users new techniques for harvesting cereals

cereals usually include sorghum, millet, millet, buckwheat, oats, red beans, mung beans, black beans, etc. they usually grow in areas with poor land and scarce water resources. It is these places that are regarded by most crops as "nightmares" for growth, but for cereals, they are "gold producing areas". Coarse cereals are mainly planted on land that is not suitable for the growth of field crops, or interspersed on scattered plots of land near the ditch. Because the planting area is small, and it is not a staple food, it is often called "small miscellaneous grains". However, it is these growth environments that determine the slow development of Agricultural Mechanization in the coarse grain planting areas, which restricts the display and amplification of the economic benefits of coarse grain crops

after years of practice, Lovol Arbos group has devoted itself to studying the agronomic conditions in the coarse grain area and the harvest characteristics of various coarse grains, and finally decided to develop the coarse grain harvest technology based on Lovol Valley God GF series products, which have the characteristics of high operation efficiency, strong adaptability and outstanding performance stability, especially for small hilly plots. At the same time, this product has good trafficability and adaptability when harvesting coarse grains, Traditional grain crops can be harvested by replacing some cleaning parts, which realizes the multi-purpose of one machine and creates conditions for users to create more profits

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