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Lovol tracking service ensures the peak season operation of Southeast Asian countries

Lovol tracking service ensures the peak season operation of Southeast Asian countries

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at present, it is the peak season of agricultural production in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, Sri Lanka and other agricultural countries, Lovol products are working day and night, and Lovol overseas service personnel have devoted all their efforts, Work together with Lovol products in the hardest front line to provide the most intimate tracking service for every overseas user

in November 2014, Foton Lovol heavy industry received a government purchase order worth 200million yuan from Sri Lanka. Before the arrival of the first batch of products, the overseas business division has sent a service team to Sri Lanka to train users and local service personnel in practical operation, repair, maintenance and other aspects

Lovol tractors are transferring garbage

because the towing mechanism of this batch of tractors is specially developed for the Sri Lankan market, professional installation and debugging are required when connecting with agricultural machinery, trailers and sprinklers. The universal experimental machine is a product separated from modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology. However, the interface quality of agricultural machinery, trailers and sprinklers in Sri Lanka market is uneven, which needs continuous correction and debugging, It takes a long time. Facing the eager eyes of the users present and the tractors in urgent need of rectification, the service staff Xiao Cheng led several territorial service staff to work overtime to study the trial installation. They got up at 6 o'clock every morning, endured the local high temperature of 30 degrees Celsius during the day, and fought against mosquitoes at night. The daily workload was about 18 hours. After more than 10 days of hard work, when he saw off the last tractor and left the gate of the agricultural machinery company, Xiao Cheng with bloodshot eyes showed a happy smile

Sri Lankan government officials who have been rectifying the scene asked curiously, "are you iron man?" He laughed, Speaking fluent English, he said, "in fact, I don't have the body of steel, and I will feel tired like you. If I stop working on the development of the extruder industry, there is still a large market space to work, and I can sleep standing. But in the face of the market demand and the expectation of users, I know what I need now is to insist. It's my job to complete the work with quality and quantity, and it's also the best explanation to users."

a few days later, Sri Lanka began a comprehensive farming operation. Facing the arrival of the peak season of operation, Xiao Cheng withstood the high temperature. He was particularly grateful for the embarrassment and heat. He drove a service car for thousands of miles and provided customers with service support work such as service resource coordination, technical training, product maintenance, etc. throughout the process. In addition, in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, overseas service teams are also in full swing. Since Lovol products entered the Southeast Asian market in 2004, Foton Lovol heavy industry has focused on channel development, product adjustment, the establishment of territorial service system and the straightening out of business processes, accelerating the pace of development in Southeast Asia. From the initial annual sales of dozens of sets, it has now reached 30% of the market share of China's export products

in the context of the "the Belt and Road" development strategy advocated by the state, a number of key cooperation projects between China and relevant countries along the route have been carried out in the fields of infrastructure, industrial investment, resource development and so on. As an important driving point of China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, the machinery and equipment industry in the Asia Pacific region will become the main force of this driving force. While meeting its own development, Foton Lovol heavy industry takes it as its own responsibility to ensure the infrastructure construction and agricultural production of countries along the "the Belt and Road" and pass on the friendship of the Chinese people to the people of friendly neighbors

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