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Lovol Valley God rg40 has excellent performance for rapid harvesting of lodging rice

Lovol Valley God rg40 has excellent performance for rapid harvesting of lodging rice

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on July 10, a Lovol Valley God (9) rg40 rice wheat combine harvester was harvested in a lodging rice field in Hunan Province if necessary. The machine operator and on-site partners were surprised by its good operation speed and excellent harvest effect. Lovol Valley God rg40 is really good at harvesting fallen rice, which can be called a masterpiece

Lovol Valley God harvest

master Zou, who drives Lovol Valley God rg40 harvester to harvest in the lodging rice field, is a "veteran" with many years of harvester experience. For the excellent performance of Lovol Valley God rg40, composite magnetic plastic uses plastic as the binder, and master Zou also shows an incredible expression with special plastic parts, special lubrication products and technical services. "The most difficult problem to solve in harvesting lodging rice is to pick up the rice first, and then there is enough power to solve the problem of uneven feeding! Lovol Valley God rg40 has solved these problems!" Master Zou talked about his driving experience after unloading grain

master Zou said "pick it up", that is, Lovol Valley God rg40 can smoothly pick up, feed and thresh and clean the rice close to the ground by adjusting the angle of the spring teeth of the reel and the height of the reel, and with the help of the advantages of the long length of the spring teeth of the harvester, strong engine power, fast cutting speed of the header and so on. Li Mingshu, a technical expert of Foton Lovol heavy industry, said: "The spring teeth of the header of Lovol Ceres rg40 harvester are 4 cm longer than those of other products on the market. At the same time, the cutter equipped with the header adopts the pendulum torque, axial force value and angle changing automatic tracking measuring ring mechanism to greatly improve the straw cutting speed, which solves the problem of catching and quickly cutting down the fallen rice. Of course, the most important thing is that the Lovol Ceres rg40 harvester has strong power, and the vehicle uses 88 horsepower The engine, with sufficient power, solves the problems of entrainment and blockage caused by uneven feeding to the threshing and cleaning system, which, taken together, realizes the good harvest lodging effect of Lovol Valley God rg40! "

the good performance of Lovol Gushen rg40 rice and wheat harvester has been unanimously recognized by the manipulator and users. At present, the industry's first "trans regional harvester team" composed of Lovol Valley rg40 harvesters is operating in six provinces, including Anhui, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei, Shandong and Hebei. Up to now, the average working time of each Lovol Ceres rg40 harvester in the trans regional operation team has reached more than 260 hours, with an average income of more than 70000 yuan. The journey of wealth creation of Lovol Ceres trans regional operation team is still continuing

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