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Lovol Valley God helps farmers become "new white-collar workers" in rural production

Lovol Valley God helps farmers become "new white-collar workers" in rural production

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Guide: one salary comes from one machine, and one salary comes from rent. Shi Xincheng, a farmer in Zhumadian, Henan Province, is a double earner envied by the villagers. In addition to renting his own private land to the ethnic groups in the village, Shi Xincheng is also an experienced agricultural manipulator. Every summer, March

one salary comes from one "machine" and one salary comes from rent. Shi Xincheng, a farmer in Zhumadian, Henan Province, is the "double earner" envied by the villagers. In addition to renting his own private land to the ethnic groups in the village, Shi Xincheng is also an experienced agricultural machinist. He drives his Lovol Ceres harvester to "work" across twoorthree provinces in the "three summer" and "three autumn" every year, which is exactly the two peak periods of Shi Xincheng's annual income

drive Lovol Valley God to work, and the "double earners" in the countryside

in the past, shixincheng's family moved around several acres of arable land, and their income was not high after a year. Unwilling to be a genuine farmer like his parents, Shi Xincheng began to contact agricultural machinery in 1999. First, he helped a relative, followed his relative's harvester to carry out three summer cross district operations, helping to measure the land and collect money. At that time, cross region operation was an emerging industry, and there were few harvesters. After witnessing the considerable income of his relatives that year, Shi Xincheng borrowed money and bought a harvester the next year, but there were many problems and the income was not ideal. Shi Xincheng, who didn't give up, planned to change trains. After many comparisons, he chose the valley God of Lovol. Although Lovol Valley God was a new product at that time, its use effect and especially reliable after-sales service made Shi Xincheng overjoyed. He earned more than 30000 yuan that year and recovered the cost in two years. This time, driven by the driving effect of shixincheng, Lovol Valley God has become the first choice for cross regional operation robots in the village, earning the first bucket of gold for many robots

in addition to this first pot of gold, for Shi Xincheng and many local machine operators who bought Lovol Ceres harvesters like Shi and began to participate in cross regional operations, the more important significance is that they began to turn from a "manual farmer" to a "skilled farmer", The focus of their production and operation began to change from "the farmland style of jumping after the main load is loaded" to a new type of farmers who drive Lovol Valley God to "work" in other people's fields. Agricultural machinery has brought them a second considerable income and become a "double earner" in the countryside

agricultural machinery has turned "farmers" from identity to occupation

at present, the market share of Lovol Ceres harvester has accounted for about 70% of the domestic harvester market. It is precisely because of more and more stone heart adults that Lovol Ceres harvester has gradually become a general wealth creation tool for "rural workplace". As a reaction, Lovol Valley God has also changed the role of farmers in the traditional sense. The identity attribute of the word "farmers" began to peel off because they bought agricultural machinery and became agricultural machinery operators, gradually becoming a career choice

if "traditional farmers" mainly rely on land for a living, then the "professional farmers" made by Lovol Valley God allow them to fully enter the market, take land management as a profession, and maximize their remuneration

Zhang Dianxiang of Weifang, Shandong Province, is a very convincing example. After purchasing two agricultural machines, the Ceres harvester and the corn machine, which are mainly NCM (nickel cobalt manganese 3-yuan material) 111, 523 and 622, from Lovol, his business model is "one-stop collection and sales", and he uses his own two harvesters to provide "solutions" for the villagers. When the wheat and corn are harvested, Zhang Dianxiang will negotiate the contract price with the villagers on the ground. "Your one and a half mu of wheat is growing well this year. I'll pay XX money. In addition to taking money home to rest, you don't have to take care of collecting, drying, transporting, storing and selling grain..."

Zhang Dianxiang, who has a good voice, has smooth communication and "contract agreement" with the surrounding villagers, except planting and managing, a crop of wheat With a crop of corn, the villagers saved the tedious and hard work of grain, drying, transporting, storing and selling. When the crops are ripe, they can see relatively fair cash. Why not. Because Zhang Dianxiang's "career" has been recognized by the villagers, his income has been good every year for the past two years. As a representative of the younger generation of farmers, the role of professional farmers for several years has made others a lot of money, although it has made others a lot of money. Zhang Dianxiang and his wife bought a house of more than 100 square meters and a domestic car in the urban area of Weifang. Although the house can't live for a few days a year, it is enough for the son who is about to go to primary school to obtain urban hukou and go to school in the city. In the words of Zhang Dianxiang, he wants to "let his son win at the beginning". At the meeting, Zhang Dian drove out to talk about this year's "contract" with the villagers

this year is the 15th year of Lovol Ceres harvester "mother-in-law" Foton Lovol heavy industry. In the past 15 years, as an industry leader, in addition to its four businesses of wheat machine, rice machine, tractor and corn machine, Foton Lovol heavy industry has comprehensively led and continued to lead the domestic agricultural machinery industry. Foton Lovol heavy industry has accumulated more than 450000 Lovol Ceres products to the market. Among the 450000 products in the past 15 years, we can't count how many Lovol users have driven Lovol Ceres harvesters to a well-off society, but it is obviously a very considerable number if one agricultural machine has achieved a professional farmer

"professional farmers" earn more than white-collar workers

although their working environment is "blue collar environment" compared with white-collar workers with higher education background and work experience, their income is not inferior to that of white-collar workers, such as stone core microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, which integrates electro-hydraulic servo automatic control, automatic measurement, data collection, screen display, and experimental results. 1. Zhang Dianxiang's income is not inferior to that of white-collar workers. Zhao Junjie of Wenshang, Shandong Province, is similar to Shi Xincheng. Since 1999, he has purchased eight Lovol Ceres wheat machines. Last year, he participated in cross district operation. From May to November, only two of them harvested more than 2000 mu of wheat and corn. After deducting the cost of machine operation and the cost of employing machine operators, his net income was more than 200000 yuan. Zhao Junjie used this money to build a two-story building with a total area of more than 500 square meters, and also bought a car. He was famous in all villages. In the eyes of the villagers, even the wedding of Lao Zhao's son was the most beautiful in the village

in fact, the high income also comes from the careful management of the "profession" of farmers. Zhao Junjie has a lot of research on agricultural machinery technology and has his own experience in the use of agricultural machinery. "Lovol products are updated quickly and sell well in the secondary market. I usually sell them in two years to replace them with a new car, which not only ensures the operation efficiency, but also saves the maintenance cost," he calculated, "And the maintenance of the car is also very important. That is to plant a cash cow and water it. It's the same with the car. You can't just use it without raising it, right? I spend more than a month every year maintaining the car, so as to ensure the best condition of the machine."

with technology, business acumen, and a wealth helper like Lovol Ceres harvester, Zhao Junjie's road to wealth is particularly smooth. Because he was born warm-hearted, after he got rich first, Lao Zhao took the lead in establishing Shandong Wenshang Futian agricultural machinery cooperative in 2009. Just like when the Agricultural Machinery Bureau led the machine operators to work, Lao Zhao took everyone to Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Tianjin and other places to work. In one year, each member can earn more than 30000 yuan. He said, "the cooperative is the organization and headquarters of individual investors, which is actually a company. In this way, when we go out to work, we have our own brand, can also realize ordering, and can go out collectively. There can be care between the machine operators, and problems can be solved together. Lovol can also provide free operation information support, which is much better than when we worked alone earlier."

this year, Lao Zhao's cooperative was awarded the "provincial excellent cooperative" and won a prize of 50000 yuan. No matter in his career or in his life, Lao Zhao is happy. Zhao said, "if CCTV asks me if I am happy, I will answer me happy, haha."

up to now, Shandong Wenshang Futian agricultural machinery cooperative has 65 members and 90 agricultural machinery, including 11 Lovol large and medium-sized tractors, 66 Lovol Gushen harvesting machinery, and fixed assets of more than 3 million. "This year, our club has purchased 8 new Lovol Ceres wheat harvesters and plans to purchase another 10 Lovol tractors in the near future. It is expected that the per capita income of our members will reach 50000 yuan this year." Zhao Junjie is confident

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