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Low inventory underpins domestic steel prices, iron ore supply falls

low inventory underpins domestic steel prices, iron ore supply falls

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due to the bottom effect of low inventory, domestic steel prices continue to rise. The strong supply capacity and large delivery volume of the global iron ore market have led to the rapid oxidation of materials, so the ore price is stable and tends to fall

according to the latest market report provided by "my steel", a well-known domestic steel information organization, the domestic spot steel price composite index closed at 91.73 points in the recent week, up 1.8% for the week. Recently, after the steel futures market weakened, it rebounded strongly again, and the billet price also temporarily stabilized above 2000 yuan per ton. The trend of spot steel price basically corresponds to it. Close to the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, the downstream procurement of the steel market has been in a large amount, coupled with the transfer of factory prices from the steel plant, business confidence has been boosted. In addition, the overall low market inventory has formed a supporting reason for steel prices: the bottom effect

according to analysis, in the construction steel market, prices fluctuated upward. Ton prices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other places rose 10 yuan to 170 yuan a week. In the Beijing Tianjin Hebei market, prices rose sharply, market transactions before the holiday were acceptable, coupled with tight market resources, the market mentality was stable

in the plate market, the price generally rose. The price of hot-rolled coil was weak first and then strong. The ton price in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other places rose by 20 yuan to 120 yuan a week. Only Lanzhou and Wulu saw a slight decline in the market price in Muqi during the test process. The rise of the futures market and the shortage of some specifications and varieties are the main reasons for the significant rise in prices. The price of medium and heavy plate fluctuated and consolidated. The ton price in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and other places rose by 10 yuan to 70 yuan a week, while the market price in Beijing, Tianjin and Chengdu fell slightly. Even in areas where prices have fallen, the mentality of businesses is acceptable, and the shortage of resources has a certain support for prices

the iron ore market is steadily declining. According to the latest report of the institution, in the domestic ore market, the price of iron concentrate powder in Hebei is basically stable. Many mines are on the sidelines, and there is not much increase in mines that choose to resume production in the near future. Imported ore prices fell slightly in a row. As of March 31, Platts' 62% grade iron ore index closed at $54.1 per ton, down $1.4 a week. Recently, the shipment volume of iron ore in Australia and Brazil has increased significantly, and the inventory at domestic ports has increased significantly. The high-performance plastic solutions for battery shells have been at the highest level in more than two months

according to the analysis of relevant institutions, the new order index of domestic manufacturing industry and steel industry both rebounded to the expansion range of more than 50% in March, and the profit growth rate of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the first two months of this year turned from negative to positive, indicating that the downstream demand of the steel industry continued to pick up. At present, the output recovery of steel enterprises is relatively stable, the market inventory is at a low level, the steel market shows a slight momentum of phased oversupply, and there is still room for further rise in steel prices

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