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Lovol Valley God will launch new products of rg50 lightweight models

Lovol Valley God will launch new products of rg50 lightweight models

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recently, it was learned from Lovol heavy industry that 2016 was a key year for the quality improvement of Lovol Valley God rice machines. In 2017, Lovol heavy industry continued to make efforts in improving the quality and reliability of physical products and product upgrading, and will launch new products of rg50 lightweight models

Lovol Gushen rg50 rice machine is a new model developed for rice and wheat tanker farming area and Northern single crop rice area. According to the actual needs of users, it comprehensively upgrades the performance of cutting and conveying system, threshing and cleaning system, power chassis system, hydraulic electronic control system and so on. The product is fed more smoothly during operation, which effectively solves the problem of grass entanglement, threshing is clean, and cleaning loss is less. Among them, through the speed ratio adjustment of the walking transmission system, the operating speed reaches the same level as that of domestic products, and the conductivity decreases; When the pipe diameter is less than 6nm, the product speed is the fastest and the operation efficiency is the highest. In response to the diversified needs of users, the product adds an attachment pair interface. Users can add corn, rape, millet harvesting accessories according to their actual needs. Instead of focusing on technology and quality, they can harvest rape, corn, millet, soybeans and other crops, realizing multiple uses of one machine. At the same time, Lovol heavy industries will also install GPS positioning terminal, sensor, gbt17600.1 (1) 998 steel tensile rate conversion controller and display on the rice machine, so that the vehicle does not need to input repeatedly; It can calculate some data, monitor vehicle status, and release accessories in time and accurately

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