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Low fuel consumption power generation welding machine

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low fuel consumption power generation welding machine-300a diesel power generation welding machine (daniaze power toyoti) Product No. to300a format open rack drive style direct connection additional input power kw 28 insulation grade F electric welding machine landing characteristics single current scheduling range a no-load voltage V welding voltage V rectifier style DC input shared electrode φ Mm 2.0 ~ 7.0 hydrophilic monomers such as hydroxylmethzcrylae (HEMA) or N-vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP) can be deposited on the surface of PMMA by plasma deposition or irradiation treatment. The generator power is additionally input kW 10, the maximum input kW 11, the generator (three-phase four wire) additional voltage V 220 | 380, power factor% 100, task condition continuous engine is called to870 (yototi) Engine situation V-type double cylinder four stroke air-cooled diesel engine cylinder number 2 exhaust capacity 875cc additional speed rpm 3000 starting style electric fuel Model No. 0 diesel (summer) -no. 10 diesel (winter) task ambient temperature ℃ -20 ~ 40 fuel tank capacity l 28 maximum size mm 860*620*780 gross weight kg 190/230 noise DB 70 (7m) oil volume 2L continuous task 12/15h

danizawa power generation electric welding machine uses electric power, Converting electric energy into heat energy in an instant, electricity is very widespread. Electric welding machines are suitable for working in a boring environment, and do not need too many requirements. Because of their small size, large operation, convenient utilization, fast speed, strong welds after welding, they are widely used in various fields, especially for products with high requirements, The same kind of metal materials (although other kinds of polypropylene materials can also be used to connect different kinds of metals, but the welding method is not suitable) can be permanently connected in an instant. After heat treatment, the weld has the same strength with the base metal, and the seal is very good, which deals with the sealing and strength of the manufacturing of gas and liquid storage containers. One machine can be used for two purposes. It adopts danieze power generation and welding technology. In the real sense, the power generation and welding machine has excellent function, which can achieve the desired cost performance, so that you can enjoy more economic benefits. The synchronous utilization load function is good, and the power supply can be stopped at the same time during electric welding. The electric welding operation does not affect the voltage and wave pattern of power generation, so as to improve the task efficiency and facilitate utilization. Good welding adopts IGBT chopping, and then adds pulse width modulation and reactor smoothing technology to make the welding voltage waveform more stable. During welding, the current no longer needs the mechanical correction zero crossing completed by the operator before, the current shake is small, and the weld quality is high

warranty period:

(International) 12 months or 500 hours after the unit is qualified in the adjustment and acceptance; Whichever comes first

because of the performance of production and quality, charge for maintenance or replacement, and work with compensation all your life

(vulnerable parts, frequently used parts, compensation damage, neglect of maintenance, etc. are not within the scope of warranty)

if they are adjusted by the original factory, they shall be performed in accordance with the original warranty regulations

payment method and delivery date:

payment methods such as Alipay, bank transfer, wire transfer, cash, etc., and delivery within 1 task day

performance standard:

international standard certification ISO

industry performance standard gb/t2820.1997

delivery style:

home delivery, special vehicle delivery Logistics stowage, etc.

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