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Lovol tractor new products are popular in overseas markets

"plough an inch of land in spring and hit more stone valleys in autumn". It was the spring ploughing season in Serbia, and six blue LoVo leopard m904 tractors were ploughing back and forth in the fields. "Lovol tractors from China are beautiful in appearance and powerful in horsepower. They work very efficiently in farmland." With the roaring sound of the tractor and the dust raised, the Serbian farmer ishirly John's face was satisfied, such as whether the pressing force of the steel ball was less than 10 kg. With its novel appearance and strong power, Lovol new generation tractors have quickly become "artifacts" produced by foreign users in spring ploughing

Lovol new generation tractors in operation

the new generation of Lovol leopard tractors with new design, which integrates the family genetic characteristics of Lovol brand, are not only novel and gorgeous in shape, but also more comfortable and quiet in shock absorption and noise reduction system; The optimized control platform, flat floor, front and rear adjustable steering wheel and luxurious and spacious seats with up, down and front and rear adjustment greatly improve the handling and comfort of driving and riding. In addition to driving comfort, Lovol opal's new generation tractors are equipped with Lovol power's new turbocharged diesel engine, which uses electronic control unit pump technology to accurately control the injection time and amount through ECU, resulting in lower fuel consumption and stronger power; At the same time, the two-stage air filtration system, the benefit reduction system of the near end exhaust company and the large cooling system have effectively extended the service life of the engine. Such "distracted" design has effectively enhanced the competitiveness of China's agricultural machinery products in overseas markets

"high end customization" is a magic weapon for Lovol heavy industry products to become popular in the overseas market. It closely follows the market demand and is guided by the market and user needs. It subdivides the user's operating conditions, customer demand changes, operating environment and geographical characteristics. For each business visit and assignment service, relevant personnel are required to record the current key data collected at any time, provide detailed information for product research and development and commercial reform, and do not make a car behind closed doors, Make the product more "grounded"

in order to better meet the needs of customers, Lovol heavy industry closely follows the trend of agricultural development and continuously improves the tractor manufacturing level by improving technical standards. In recent years, Lovol heavy industry has been leading the leapfrog upgrading of the industry in the field of independent research and development of core technologies such as tractor synchronizer and power shift. Not only that, Lovol heavy industry not only strengthened the tractors for basic farmland operations, but also further subdivided the market, and developed special models for various agricultural mechanization operations such as gardens, lawns, sugarcane gardens, orchards, vineyards, potatoes, paddy fields, cotton fields, animal husbandry, snow removal, municipal administration, which effectively led to the growth of sales of special tractors and met the user's characteristic needs

in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire marketing service system and make the "Lovol" brand more intimate with users, Lovol heavy industries has built a multilingual electronic service platform to implement a "remote fault diagnosis system" in user repair, customer training, parts sales and other aspects, and experts will diagnose and formulate maintenance plans in time for the "difficult and miscellaneous" faults, And can quickly provide accurate accessory codes that are relatively good materials to solve the problems of current energy storage density and rapid charging; Use remote video training to realize the transmission of pictures, words or audio, achieve "face-to-face" interaction with service experts, realize the integrated office of business, and make users feel more convenient, comfortable and considerate services

under the characteristic development mode of "European R & D, global manufacturing and global distribution", Lovol heavy industry seized the opportunity of industrial upgrading and industrial integration, and through continuously increasing investment in scientific and technological innovation, unswervingly promoted the innovation of marketing service mode, accelerated the pace of globalization, maintained the leading position in the industry, created more value for users, and helped "made in China" move towards the high end, Make greater contributions to the cause of global agricultural mechanization

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