The hottest low in the five northwestern provinces

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On April 25, the media delegation from Haidong came to Qinghai Yaohua special glass Co., Ltd. located in Ledu Industrial Park, Haidong Industrial Park

the first phase of the 600 ton Low-E float glass production line with a total investment of 460million yuan per day has been officially completed and put into operation on December 24, 2012. It is estimated that the annual production of glass 2. The number of samples of glass will reach 4million weight boxes, achieving an annual output value of 400million yuan and creating 500 new jobs. This production line is the first project completed and put into operation since the establishment of Haidong Industrial Park. It is also the Low-E float glass production line with the largest production capacity in the five provinces and regions in the northwest. It has been listed as the provincial industrial "double hundred" action key project

in addition, the first phase of the lithium aluminum silicon float glass production line project with a total investment of 450million yuan has officially started construction on April 24, 2013. This production line is a leading lithium aluminum silicon float glass production line in China, which will change the history that China has no lithium aluminum silicon glass products after its completion. The project has high technical content and great difficulty in glass melting and molding. For many years, only Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries have produced a small amount of glass. Its products can meet the requirements of tempering, coating, interlayer, central control and other types of glass deep processing for high-quality glass raw sheets, and have high-strength shockproof, fire prevention, heat insulation and other characteristics

in the two years since its establishment, Haidong Industrial Park has taken "high, new, light and excellent" as the development direction, formed an industrial system with the shape of suitable test parts, mainly including smelting, wine making, building materials, agricultural and livestock products processing, non-ferrous metals, energy, equipment manufacturing, light industry and textile, and the development pattern of "one zone, three parks and three industrial concentration areas", with a total fixed asset investment of 11.114 billion yuan

Zhonghua glass (WW sometimes adopts nonferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals to reduce weight)

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