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International oil prices plummeted and domestic wholesale prices still rose

on May 4, U.S. crude oil futures fell sharply. Relevant people learned from PetroChina yesterday that the sharp decline in international crude oil prices did not affect the rising momentum of domestic refined oil wholesale prices. On the 5th, the wholesale prices of refined oil products in North China, Southwest China, riverside and other regions continued to rise

the red line of price rise has exceeded

on May 4, U.S. crude oil futures fell 4%, the largest one-day decline since February 4 this year. Analysts believe that this will not affect the domestic refined oil price increase expectations. Liaokaishun, an analyst at Yimao information, a professional institution of domestic bulk commodities, believes that it is not yet the peak oil season, so the international oil price is unlikely to fall below $80 in May

on April 14, the national development and Reform Commission raised the domestic gasoline and diesel prices by 320 yuan/ton. Since then, international oil prices have continued to rise. As of April 27, the moving average change rate of international oil prices for 22 consecutive working days has again exceeded 4%

according to the regulations, when the moving average change rate of the international oil price for 22 consecutive working days reaches 4%, the price of domestic refined oil can be adjusted. Liaokaishun believes that according to the previous experience of price adjustment, the 4% condition has been met, and may has a fast running speed. The window of domestic refined oil price increase will open again in the middle of May

according to the data, the international oil price futures price plummeted by 4% on May 4, but as of the close of May 4, the weighted average price change rate of Brent, Dubai and Xinta of the three international oil prices was 5.96%, nearly 0.3 percentage points higher than the change rate of 5.67% on May 3

"the change of international oil price in a day or two will not have a great impact on the 22 day moving average change rate of international oil price." Liao Kaishun said

the wholesale price continued to rise

relevant people learned that yesterday, the wholesale price of National Standard No. 0 diesel oil of two major oil companies in Beijing continued to rise by 20 yuan/ton, and the wholesale price of Henan and Zhejiang No. 93 gasoline rose by 100 yuan/ton. In addition, the wholesale prices of local refineries also continued to rise. The wholesale prices of No. 93, No. 97 gasoline and No. 0 diesel oil in Shaanxi local refineries increased by yuan/ton

an analyst from PetroChina said on the 5th, "recently, market demand has been picking up. Although the international oil price fell sharply on the 4th, the weighted change rate of the international oil price in the three places still exceeds the range of 4% required for price adjustment. The expectation of domestic oil product price increase still exists, driving the domestic oil product wholesale price to continue to rise."

according to the above sources, affected by the rebound in demand and the expectation of price adjustment, some middlemen and private units have begun to hoard oil, with a period of 2.3 a= ω 2D × (3) formula (4) is profitable after price adjustment, so it also promotes demand

Sinopec responds to the difference in oil prices at home and abroad

the export price is 8%-12% lower than the domestic retail price; Sinopec said that this comparison is biased. While the wholesale price of domestic refined oil is rising, the export price of refined oil is preferential

recently, some media reported that the export prices of domestic gasoline and diesel in March were about 5012 yuan/ton and 4644 yuan/ton. However, the maximum retail price of No. 93 gasoline in Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is 8666 yuan -9137 yuan per ton

even after deducting the domestic value-added tax, consumption tax, urban construction tax and education surcharge, which account for more than 30% of the total retail price, the price of exported gasoline and diesel is about 8% to 12% lower than the domestic pre tax retail price of gasoline and diesel

Sinopec responded that this is especially true for mediatable devices. There are deviations in this comparison. First, the local standards implemented in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are equivalent to Euro IV, while the products exported by SINOPEC are equivalent to Euro III or below

in addition, the export price should not be compared with the retail price, but with the domestic ex factory price after excluding relevant taxes. Sinopec said, "the average export price of refined oil is roughly the same or slightly higher than the domestic ex factory price excluding relevant taxes"

a market analyst believes that, in fact, every time the domestic refined oil price is faced with an upward expectation, the wholesale price of domestic refined oil will continue to rise, while the price of refined oil in the international market is affected not only by the international oil price, but also by the changes in the actual supply and demand market. When supply exceeds demand, the price will be difficult to rise, so the price difference between domestic and foreign refined oil will inevitably form

professor linboqiang, an expert in the petroleum industry at Xiamen University, said that the national development and Reform Commission only set a ceiling price, and the price reduction is up to the enterprises themselves. The key to the problem is that there are not enough business entities and insufficient competition in the domestic refined oil market

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