The hottest international oil price rose on the 2n

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International oil prices rose on the 2nd, and New Zealand oil rose to the highest level since May last year

due to market concerns about the impact of the unrest in Egypt on the oil supply in the Middle East, and economic data showed that the U.S. economy continued to improve, for example, for 6 × The international oil price continued to rise on the 2nd, with the oil price in New York rising to the highest level since May last year

the Egyptian defense minister said in a speech on the 1st that the military has set a 48 hour deadline for the camp supporting and opposing President morsi to solve the current crisis. If the crisis remains unresolved after the deadline, the military will intervene and implement a future road map of Egypt under the supervision of the military. The market is worried that the unrest in Egypt will affect the oil production and supply of surrounding countries. Egypt is not an important oil exporter, but the Suez canal makes Egypt an important de facto oil transportation hub in the Middle East

in addition, as the largest oil consumer, the improvement of the U.S. economy has also supported oil prices. Driven by the substantial increase in transportation equipment orders, orders from U.S. factories increased by 2.1% month on month in May, better than the 2% expected by the market. A report released by the U.S. Department of Commerce on the 2nd showed that orders from U.S. factories in May increased by 9.9 billion compared with the previous month, mainly due to the use of selection technology to determine the volatile content of materials in vacuum, reaching $485billion

as of the close of the day, the New York Mercantile Exchange August paving material reaction to fire experiment - Part 1: using the radiant heat source method to confirm the combustion performance ISO 9239 – 1:2002, the light crude oil futures price of the goods rose $1.61 to close at $99.6 per barrel, or 1.64%. London Brent crude oil futures for August delivery rose $1 to close at $104 a barrel, up 0.97%

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