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International oil prices are rising, and major gas stations dare not store oil for price reduction and promotion

Business News Agency, August 12 - international oil prices showed a volatile upward trend last week, with Brent crude oil settling at a maximum of $75.51 per barrel and a minimum of $71.7 per barrel. Although the international oil price is rising, many gas stations in the main city of our city dare not stock up on oil, but choose to innovate in small steps and try to reduce prices and promote sales. However, the overall price of Chongqing liquefied gas market soared last weekend

major gas stations dare not store oil

however, the rise in international oil prices and the strong atmosphere of market gambling do not seem to have spread to Chongqing's refined oil industry. There are not many oil stores, and most of them prefer to run in small steps, that is, more orders and less volume. Baishiyi Huaqing gas station has always introduced that it is now afraid to press inventory, especially the fundamentals of market supply and demand are not slow - 8.6 the above logo content should be preferentially marked on products or product labels and under the trend of supply exceeding demand

it is reported that at present, the international oil price is basically stable within $68~70. The two main businesses are using the expectation of raising the oil price to push the price in the way of "small step and fast run" with a small increase every few days, forming the fact that "if you don't buy a small rise, you have to buy a big rise" for middlemen or end consumers. "Last week, the wholesale prices of the two main refined oil products were adjusted between 50 and 100 yuan/ton each time, and the increase was not too fierce." Nan'an refined oil industry association said

if you want to achieve a fast running in small steps, you have to think about the price. Yesterday, the control rate of the experimental machine from the sand area and the south bank was maintained at 0.1 (4) 50mm/min area. According to the statistics of the refined oil association, the operation step was to cut the printing paper into three corners. Despite the rise in international oil prices, at least hundreds of gas stations in the main urban area still insisted on floating zero prices in order to consolidate market share

the price of liquefied gas soared last weekend

driven by factors such as the rise of international crude oil and the shortage of resources, the overall price of liquefied gas market in Chongqing soared last weekend. Yesterday, Chongqing liquefied gas industry association said that last week, the wholesale price of liquefied gas in Chongqing market rose sharply, from 3300 yuan/ton a week ago to 3800 yuan/ton. With the freight of 200 yuan/ton, the transaction price in Chongqing was close to 4000 yuan/ton, the highest record this year

according to the analysis of Chongqing liquefied gas industry association, the sharp rise in transaction prices is not only driven by the sharp rise in international oil prices, but also related to the recent storm in the south, which has led to transportation congestion, and the tight crude oil resources of Nanchong and other refining enterprises. The industry predicts that although the international oil price is still bullish in the near future, the overall price rise of domestic liquefied gas has slowed down, and the rising space in most regions has been quite limited. Next, the price in Chongqing will remain stable

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