The hottest international oil price rises sharply,

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Countries with soaring international oil prices will still face the third reduction in oil prices in October 2014

on June 29, the EU summit launched a "package" plan to promote growth. Affected by this news, the international oil price rose sharply, but some analysts said that the domestic oil price would still fall for the third time

oil prices in New York surged by 9.36%

the EU summit, which closed in Brussels on June 29, officially adopted the "growth and employment contract". According to President van Rompuy of the European Council, the core content of the "contract" is a "package" plan to stimulate economic growth worth 120billion euros. In addition, the member states of the euro area also agreed to allow the permanent rescue fund of the euro area, the European stability mechanism, to directly inject capital into the banks of the member states in crisis, and allow the temporary rescue fund of the euro area, the European financial stability instrument or the European stability mechanism to directly purchase and formulate different protection and maintenance plans. It is very necessary to buy their government bonds to reduce their financing costs without adding new ones. The growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the growth of Komen The golden age of rapid growth requires tightening or reform

these measures have greatly boosted market confidence. On June 29, oil prices in New York surged 9.36% to close at $84.96 a barrel, the largest one-day increase since February 2011

the domestic oil price has fallen for three consecutive times, which is almost certain.

the rise of international oil price has brought a trace of uncertainty to the domestic oil price adjustment window that was expected to open on July 11

according to the statistics of zhuochuang information, as of June 27, the moving change rate of crude oil in the three places was -7.53%. Zhuochuang information released a report that if the average price of the next three places keeps the rebound range of $1/barrel per day, the change rate of the three places will still be around -8% by the time the price adjustment window opens on July 10

Li Bing, an analyst at zhuochuang information energy information branch, said that the sharp rise in international oil prices is difficult to change the situation of three consecutive falls in the domestic refined oil market. If the international oil price continues to rebound recently, the probability of four consecutive falls in the domestic refined oil market will be reduced

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