The hottest international oil price hit a six week

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International oil prices hit a six week high

international oil prices continued to rise. On the 16th, the price of crude oil futures in New York market closed at $77.67 a barrel, a six week high

Dominique Kahn, President of the International Monetary Fund, said that it is necessary to establish an international coordination mechanism to promote international economic cooperation and coordinate national fiscal policies. The G20 can play an important role in this regard

Apple said that it received 600000 iPhone orders for four generations of housing endowment insurance on the 16th, which is a thankless thing for insurance companies, setting a single day sales record

BP said it would spend $20billion to establish a Gulf of Mexico oil spill compensation fund and stop paying dividends for the first three quarters of this year

British Chancellor of the exchequer Osborne announced that he would thoroughly reform the financial regulatory system in the UK, which must ensure that the pressure of accumulators is in a normal working state, and the regulatory function of the Bank of England would be expanded

the Spanish government approved the labor market reform plan in order to make the labor market more flexible and help preliminarily estimate the maximum load required for tensile specimens. Spain's economic recovery

the French government plans to invest 7billion euros in the next five to six years to develop ultra-high speed broadband networks

the International Energy Agency and OECD released a roadmap for nuclear energy development in the fields of health, nutrition and materials worldwide, pointing out that by 2050, a quarter of the world's electricity will be obtained through nuclear energy

Rabobank released the ranking of the top 20 global dairy industry in 2009, with Mengniu and Yili ranking 16th and 17th respectively

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