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Stable and efficient products are the key to creating miracles in the equipment automation manufacturing industry editor's note: the equipment automation manufacturing industry refers to the manufacturing industry that develops and produces (Mechanical) equipment automation components (parts), which mainly refers to manufacturers of frequency converters, various switches and motors. The author believes that the manufacturers of China's equipment automation manufacturing industry will encounter additional opportunities. The key to grasp this miracle is to ensure that their own products can operate efficiently and stably

the world used to call China the world's factory, especially from 2000 to 2007. This statement satisfies the vanity of some people, and also makes many manufacturers have an illusion about the method of making profits. "Made in China" is all over the world, but Chinese automation equipment enterprises that support these manufacturers have another worry. Chinese enterprises have a weak voice in this industry

equipment automation manufacturing industry refers to the manufacturing industry that develops and produces (Mechanical) equipment automation components (parts). It mainly refers to manufacturers of frequency converters, various switches and motors. In the multi-level industrial division of design, engineering, manufacturing and service, Chinese enterprises in the automation industry can only obtain certain advantages in service, but they do not have the advantages in design, manufacturing and engineering. In C. measurement method: measuring force value through deformation, measuring force value through height, measuring deformation through force value, measuring highly automated equipment manufacturing process through force value, lacking strength in process, process, design and processing capacity, some domestic well-known enterprises' main business direction can only stay in engineering; The other type mainly adopts the dealer model, and its main business is to operate a large number of foreign or joint venture brands. Although Chinese automation enterprises are also trying various efforts, the market recognition of these products is very low, and they often need additional support from government departments and relevant organizations

facing the disadvantages rationally, it is not difficult to compare various problems of China's equipment automation products, especially the quality and technology of national brand products. Different from the bottleneck technologies such as large PLC systems and microprocessor chips, Chinese enterprises have relatively certain breakthrough strength in this industry. In the process of this breakthrough, Chinese enterprises must first make their own automation components more efficient and stable

industrial automation and high efficiency are closely related. In addition to realizing more work efficiency under the same loss, high efficiency can also be regarded as reducing energy consumption as much as possible under the same work efficiency domestically, which is also consistent with the current popular "energy saving". Under the current energy price, this indirectly reduces the production cost of manufacturing enterprises Improve the price competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises' products. Over the past decade, the Chinese manufacturing enterprises have completed the unidirectional tensile test according to the steps specified in the technical specification for mechanical connection of steel bars for smart interfaces and input and output channels. The industry has begun to equip a large number of mechanical equipment. The electrical drive (transmission) system of these equipment consumes huge electric energy. Reducing this part of energy consumption is an important task for the automation industry today, but the consideration process for enterprises to add energy-saving equipment is complex. In the process of promotion, well-known brands constantly analyze the purchase cost and operation cost for manufacturing enterprises, trying to persuade manufacturing enterprises to adopt energy-saving equipment, and the stability of products of relatively low-cost non well-known brands makes manufacturing enterprises worry about the impact on their daily production. However, this contradiction is an opportunity for Chinese brands to take advantage of it and seek a turnaround. Ross van royen, senior marketing manager of regulated products of teknor apex TPE business unit, pointed out: "the key to extrusion blow molding is to control the parison wall thickness.

China's 11th five year plan has formulated a plan to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by 20%, gradually forcing domestic enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, This has accelerated the speed at which Chinese enterprises make choices from the outside. If Chinese automation component manufacturers do not take active measures quickly, they will disappear from the industry after the consumer market is saturated, and even lead to domino effect: due to the disappearance of competitors producing low-cost products, especially for some enterprises such as equipment manufacturing enterprises, the production cost may increase. Chinese enterprises in the equipment automation manufacturing industry should strengthen the relevant awareness: keep the price advantage and improve the work efficiency and stable performance of products as soon as possible, so as to obtain a certain market share and ensure the basic living space in the future

meanwhile, Chinese manufacturers of automation components should continue to broaden their horizons and enter the markets of other countries through complementary cooperation. For example, Germany is a big country in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry in the world. It is also a country with a large number of industrial equipment, with at least 30million processing equipment. According to Andreas Lauer's article of German block company, only 1/8 of them are equipped with frequency converters. For German power companies, there is a huge demand for frequency converters, but for domestic enterprises, in order to gain access to this market, they must break through various technical barriers of the European Union, and take into account the local maintenance costs and risk costs. Of course, the most important thing is to rely on reliable performance to gain the trust of the other party. This is why no Chinese brand is based in Germany, This is in great contrast to the fact that a large number of German products were quickly recognized by the Chinese market

most of the automation equipment dealers serving Chinese manufacturing enterprises pursue good commodity prices and pay more attention to customers' reactions to products. As powerful suppliers have begun to transform to system integrators, when promoting integrated products to customers, choosing the same stable Chinese brands will bring more significant competitive advantages to the integrated products of these system integrators. Manufacturers of China's equipment automation manufacturing industry will encounter additional opportunities. The key to this miracle is to ensure that their products can run efficiently and stably

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