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Hunan 7-inch LED driving lamp professional brand

Hunan 7-inch LED driving lamp professional brand

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Hunan 7-inch LED driving lamp professional brand

almost all light sources in traditional lamps can be replaced. With the emergence of LED, most of the lamps using LED modules appear in an irreplaceable form, which seems to show an integrated trend. The boundary between LED light source and LED lamps also seems to be unclear. The whole is a illuminator, which can be regarded as a light source? In fact, it is clearly stated in the "note" in the definition of lamps: the illuminator with integral non replaceable light source is regarded as a lamp to further improve the industrial concentration, and the lamp with LED module is just an example of a lamp. At present, one of the biggest technical problems of LED lighting is the problem of heat dissipation. Poor heat dissipation leads to LED driving power supply and electrolytic capacitor becoming the short board for the further development of LED lighting, and the reason for the premature aging of LED light source. Just because the LED light source itself has no infrared ray and ultraviolet ray, the LED light source itself has no radiation and heat dissipation function. The heat dissipation path of LED lighting fixtures can only be derived from the heat sink closely combined with the LED lamp bead plate. The radiator must have the functions of heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation

nearly 100 relevant personages from China Composite Industry Association, customers and media were invited to participate in the ceremony and customer open day activities. The incandescent bulbs were swept into a corner of the market by the energy-saving lamps. The energy-saving lamps did not laugh, but were extinguished by the LED light source. LED lamps will not produce noise, so they are the best choice for the use of precision electronic instruments. Suitable for libraries, offices and other occasions. Most LED lighting sources still use LED beads with low voltage and high current. Due to the high heat during operation, aluminum alloys with high thermal conductivity must be used for tensile, contraction, zigzag, tearing, shearing, 180 degree peeling and 90 degree peeling experiments. There are usually die-casting aluminum radiator, extruded aluminum radiator and stamping aluminum radiator. Die casting aluminum radiator is a technology of pressure casting parts. The liquid zinc copper aluminum alloy is poured into the feeding port of the die casting machine. After die casting by the die casting machine, the radiator with the shape limited by the designed mold is cast

due to its high brightness, low power consumption, high flexibility and controllability, Hunan LED lamps and lanterns have been highly praised by lighters in the film and television industry in a very short time. However, LED is different from traditional HMI lamps and tungsten filament lamps in terms of light-emitting principle and structure. In order to avoid various problems, more attention should be paid to its use. Therefore, in view of the current situation of domestic field use, we have combed and answered some common questions, hoping to help you. Any radiator, in addition to being able to quickly transfer heat from the heat source to the surface of the radiator, the most important thing is to rely on convection and radiation to dissipate heat into the air. Heat conduction only solves the way of heat transfer, while heat convection is the main function of the radiator. The heat dissipation performance is mainly determined by the heat dissipation area, shape and natural convection strength, and heat radiation is only an auxiliary function. Generally speaking, if the distance between the heat source and the radiator surface is less than 5mm, the heat can be derived as long as the thermal conductivity of the material is greater than 5, and the rest of the heat dissipation must be dominated by thermal convection

due to the different ranges of luminous flux and electric power involved, the luminous efficiency of LED light source is different from that of LED lamps, and the luminous efficiency of LED light source is much greater than that of lamps. One is that the junction temperature increases and the light output decreases (heat loss) after the LED enters the lamp; The second is the system loss after the LED light source enters the lamp and uses the LED control device or its power supply; Third, LED is the loss of light after passing through the optical system of the lamp, that is, the efficiency of LED lamp (light loss). Plastic clad aluminum radiators generally use the original colors of thermal conductive plastics, white and black. The radiation and heat dissipation effect of plastic clad aluminum radiators made of black plastics is better. Thermal conductive plastic is a kind of thermoplastic material, which is easy to be molded by injection molding due to its fluidity, density, toughness and strength. It has good cold and heat shock cycle resistance and excellent insulation performance. The radiation coefficient of thermal conductive plastics is better than that of ordinary metal materials. The density of heat conductive plastic is 40% less than that of die-casting aluminum and ceramics, so flexible packaging manufacturers do not need radiators of the same shape at all, and the weight of plastic clad aluminum can be reduced by nearly one third; Compared with all aluminum radiator, the processing cost is low, the processing cycle is short, and the processing temperature is low; The finished product is not fragile; The customer's own injection molding machine can be used for differentiated shape design and production of lamps. The plastic coated aluminum radiator has good insulation performance and is easy to pass the safety regulations. The normal service life of the LED is more than 30000 hours, and the power saving is more than 70%. It can be used for a long time without replacement, reducing labor costs, and is more suitable for occasions that are difficult to replace

according to OSHA standard classification, the production environment of oil and natural gas usually belongs to class I hazardous environment, which means the presence of flammable vapor. Only when the heat is exported as soon as possible can the cavity temperature in the LED lamp be effectively reduced, the power supply can be protected from working in a long-term high-temperature environment, and the premature aging of the LED light source due to long-term high-temperature work can be avoided

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