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Ten billion commodities in China have adopted anti-counterfeiting technology

at present, more than ten billion commodities in China each year have adopted a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology products, maintaining the image of enterprises and protecting the interests of consumers. With the integration of the global economy, fake and shoddy commodities have crossed national boundaries and become the second largest public hazard in the world after drug trafficking. Every year, fake 2 is a transaction of inferior quality for metallographic microscope ----- professor wangminjie/Director of the mold Institute of Dalian University of technology accounts for 2-5% of the world's total, forming a huge black economy impacting the development of the world economy. Governments of all countries have made combating counterfeiting an important task. In recent years, anti-counterfeiting technology has become an effective means to protect famous and high-quality products and combat counterfeiting. Nationwide, iodized salt and audio-visual products have unified anti-counterfeiting labels, effectively distinguishing genuine and fake goods. Tens of thousands of products such as tobacco, wine, medicine, food, agricultural materials and auto parts have adopted different anti-counterfeiting technologies to protect themselves. The wide use of anti-counterfeiting technology products has promoted the development of anti-counterfeiting. The laser holographic technology has been combined into a new product with high technical content, strong information, easy to identify and difficult to counterfeit, such as micro encryption, implicit integration and password communication. These products will play a positive role in protecting famous and high-quality enterprises and safeguarding the interests of consumers. (excerpt from Huasheng News)

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