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Two essential elements for product and service paint enterprises

two essential elements for product and service paint enterprises

September 19, 2017

[China's dispensing method is to loosen the two screws coating information]

nowadays, there are many brands in the paint industry, and the market competition has entered a white hot stage. What do paint enterprises use to win the favor of consumers? The answer is undoubtedly products and services. Good products and services directly affect the experience of consumers, and even the satisfaction of enterprises. Therefore, paint enterprises should pay attention to the cultivation of products and services, obtain a good reputation and win the market

products are the external business cards of enterprises. Only in 20151 will products have a good reputation and loyal consumers. As we all know, paint products are necessary for home decoration. Once, consumers thought it would be good if the current paint products could be used normally. However, as people have more stringent requirements on health, when purchasing such products, more and more consumers prefer to choose those with better environmental protection performance. Naturally, the products of big brands are more favored

with the further deepening of consumption upgrading, this situation will become more obvious. Therefore, before that, paint enterprises need to make preparations in advance to fight a long-term product war. First of all, paint enterprises need to establish brand awareness. In this period of "great brand", having a loud name is a major means to promote products; Secondly, paint products need to be supported by excellent quality, and it is urgent to improve production technology; Finally, paint enterprises need to improve their product performance and improve their R & D level (6) zigzag toothed rod and achieve the "performance ratio" to the extreme

upgrading services and seizing the market with high-level services

consumption upgrading is more reflected in the transformation of consumption mode from oriented to service-oriented, that is to say, our society is entering a service-oriented society. From the perspective of the paint industry, paint enterprises must win the market with high service level. The era of winning by products has gone. On the basis of good products, adding service skills can help enterprises win the recognition of consumers

as a representative of the industry, the paint market service is still a weak point. At present, paint enterprises need to strengthen the training of sales personnel, so that consumers can fully feel the intentions of the enterprise and really get what they want with fuller spirit and the most professional explanations. At the same time, the post-sale of paint products should also be synchronized, actively solve the problems of consumers, and maintain the friendly relationship between enterprises and consumers. Such humanized service can help enterprises accumulate goodwill and gain good reputation in the market

the development of an enterprise is a long process. Only on the basis of adhering to product quality and doing a good job in products, can an enterprise have its own advantages in the fierce market competition and go further in the future development path

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