Weiyi wardrobe won two awards

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Reward is the affirmation of the product and the affirmation of everyone. Of course, on the road of future development, it is full of confidence to move forward. Encouragement has an inspiring effect, which can give you greater motivation on the road

believers are sincere and single-minded. Sincerity is the foundation of faith and the way of heaven. Without sincerity, why do you believe? Without faith, why honesty? How can business be done without honesty? The furniture industry, especially customized furniture, takes integrity as the foundation, constantly promotes the healthy growth of brands, and brings beautiful customization and enjoyment to thousands of families

after application, numerous selection and final recognition, Weiyi customization won the titles of "the most honest enterprise in China's chain franchise industry in 2014" and "China's top ten gold medal projects in 2014" issued by China chain franchise industry association

Weiyi customization adheres to the motto of "doing things of faith with a sincere heart", and is committed to bringing customers Furniture Customization, scheme design, door-to-door installation, and perfect after-sales service. It has won the trust and support of families and friends, and has a good reputation in the industry

2014 is the 11th year of Weiyi customization, and the number of Weiyi customization franchise stores across the country has exceeded 500! The company spared no effort in enriching the brand culture and created a corporate culture of "happiness, competition and home"; Full of confidence in displaying the brand image, Li Bingbing was signed as the image spokesperson; Make a promise in explaining brand value; Warm and considerate in receiving customers. The enterprise also carefully listens to the demands of each franchisee for opening a store, follows up the development pulse in real time, and works with franchisees all over the country to grasp the lifeline and trend of the customized furniture industry

the winning of "2014 China's top ten gold medal projects" highlights the gold absorption ability of Weiyi customized furniture. So far, traditional furniture has become increasingly unsuitable for the personalized design needs of modern families. The emergence of customized furniture has brought earth shaking changes to the furniture industry

as the leading brand of customized furniture in China, Weiyi customization has transformed and upgraded from a small software company to a leader in the customized furniture industry with strong enterprise strength. Since its inception in 2004, the annual sales volume of the enterprise has increased by more than 7% for seven consecutive years. In 2013, the sales myth of "one hundred million for one city" directly operated by Foshan was realized

strong brand strength, optimistic development prospects, good reputation and public praise have made Weiyi customization always walk in the forefront of fashion

according to insiders, Weiyi customization won these two awards, which is worthy of its reputation. Customized furniture has always been Weiyi's specialty in the industry and is the leader in the customized furniture industry. The enterprise is the first to make furniture in the Internet mode. Its unique core competitiveness, large-scale digital customization, strong it support, and innovative management system make furniture customization easy and simple

The importance of the award is self-evident. It is not only the recognition of the industry to the enterprise, but also the recognition of consumers to the enterprise. But the honor belongs not only to the enterprise itself, but also to Weiyi people and all friends who support and recognize Weiyi customized furniture. Weiyi people will continue to develop and forge ahead, and create more brilliance in the near future

Weiyi wardrobe won these two awards, which will encourage all employees of Weiyi to work harder and contribute their own efforts to create a brilliant future for Weiyi




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