Netizens talk about the trap of new house decorati

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Netizens talk about the pitfalls of new house decoration

family decoration is a complex process. Compared with the mixed decoration market, owners who are not proficient in home decoration can only eat "dumbfounded" many times. Ms. Wang, who has just completed the decoration, described the ups and downs in the decoration process of her home with her own experience. We excerpt the following to remind consumers to take precautions together

budget underestimation

the price of the deposit on hand changes

after the customer has a preliminary intention, first make a relatively simple project budget, and the total cost will certainly be low to your satisfaction. When the budget is handed over to the customer, a deposit of 1000 yuan will be charged. Two or three days later, a more detailed budget will be released. The total cost of this budget will be much higher than the previous one, and the increase of half is less. If the customer is not willing at this time, he will not demand it, but the deposit will not be refunded. Just think, don't you feel wronged if you get 1000 yuan in just twoorthree days? Well, you just wait to be slaughtered

step by step

work while increasing slowly

"ah! I forgot to count the baseboard last time!" This kind of "accident" is very common in engineering. Similarly, there are temporary "Omissions" or "suggestions" such as "forgetting to calculate the window cover", "why didn't you consider the porch", "you might as well add a cabinet here". In fact, people have long known that these projects should be done, but they didn't tell you at that time. Once they said it, the total price naturally went up, scaring you away. Where to make money

the total price is negotiated by both parties. People will also give you a detailed price of the specific project. And how much it will cost will have to wait until the end of the project. This is not, people smiled and handed the ruler to you: "brother, measure yourself, how many square meters of wall has been painted with latex paint." It was originally estimated that the building area of 100 square meters was only 160 square meters. How did it become 240 square meters? The extra 80 square meters can't be painted in vain, can they? Just pay 18 yuan per square meter


offer discounts by raising prices in the dark

first raise prices in the dark, and then lower them in the name of "discount". In fact, they are not moved. What you want is to make you feel that they have achieved tangible benefits, but in fact, they do not save money. The names of "concessions" can be found everywhere: "teachers' Day profits", "opening anniversary rewards", "the top 50 people can enjoy 80% discount by signing an agreement". It's simply not necessary to use your brain to come up with a series of ideas. What you want is to hand over the project

be careful everywhere

traps are too gentle to prevent

one of the most commonly used tricks of home decoration companies is "reducing materials". For example, talc powder is an essential raw material for putty mixing. When calculating the price, it is calculated at 18 yuan per bag, but there are some bags of 3 yuan in the market. According to the consumption of 60 to 100 bags per household, 1000 yuan can be easily obtained, but when you live in it, you will find: "people's walls have been the same for four or five years, how come my family's walls peel only half a year?"

melamine decorative panels used for furniture are divided into Eucalyptus core and poplar core, and the pressure during pressing varies. You can buy it at a low price of more than 30 yuan, and at a high price of 70 or 80 yuan. Looking at the honeycomb like head in the board, people will tell you that it is "specially made to prevent moisture, which will deform if pressed to death." Are you interested in asking layman again? Woodworking board is a big head, and the consumption of a household is about 50 pieces. A piece of poplar core costs more than 30 yuan. The high-grade Liu Eucalyptus core costs 100 to 130 yuan each, and the middle-grade fir core costs 80 to 100 yuan. The account is calculated according to medium and high-grade materials. The pulp inside is low-priced goods. Who doesn't let you understand that it's thousands of Yuan gone

sharp tongued

cut corners and reduce quality

it is important to pay attention to how deep the groove of the wire on the wall should be dug. If it is shallow, the pipe cannot be buried. After you left the class, the family came over: "just wait for you to see, or we'll fix the wall.". At first glance, the pipes at both ends of the groove are of suitable depth. In fact, there is only a foot long pipe left in the wall for you to see. A large part of the middle is buried directly in the wall. Of course, the wall doesn't need to be dug so deep

carpentry is the easiest to see, and there are ways. The agreement didn't specify "all solid wood edges of wood products", and the cost is calculated according to this, you don't know. It's time to hand over the work. You see, "why is my cabinet so ugly?" Yes, can a layer of wood veneer not be ugly

save money and be careful to be cheated by the workers

what's more regrettable is that in order to save time and money, the painter, after lobbying in every way, willingly gave the money to the painter and let him contract the work and materials. Before that, we always heard that when someone was making paint, the materials were taken by the painters in barrels. Although we were skeptical, we still had a long mind. This time, we specially asked the painters to buy the materials and show them to us first, especially the production date, trademark and paint composition. After confirmation, the construction can be started. However, in the last few days, we found that a complete group of unused floor paint was missing. We asked the painter, hesitated, and couldn't explain clearly. For a moment, he said that he had taken half a group of floor paint of the same brand from other places, and for a moment, he said that he didn't know what was going on. In short, the result is no evidence

I don't know how hard it is without decoration. I know there are still many regrets after decoration. I hope I can learn experience and lessons during the next decoration





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