9 classic study decoration are recommended to give

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Whether small or medium-sized units or large units, a decent study should be indispensable. Recently, Wuhan home decoration network visited a number of senior designers to tell you how to use different spaces to build a study, as well as the key points of decoration and furniture purchase strategies. Today, Xiaobian will take you to see 9 classic study decoration

the designer said that the main functions of the study are reading, home and office, and online leisure. However, as a part of the family environment, the study will inevitably integrate with other rooms, with a strong flavor of life. Therefore, as a home office, the study design is required to highlight personality and integrate the characteristics of the office environment, so that people can work more and rest more freely in a relaxed atmosphere

when the study cannot get a special room, it is often arranged in some special spaces, and even opened up to be used in combination with other functions. For example, as a study, the attic is very quiet, and even can be used as a very self-contained area, including the function of the bedroom. Some people also sealed the space of the balcony into a study, which is not only full of natural light, but also easy to rest and overlook. Others have combined the study with the audio-visual room, watching movies, listening to music and working to support half the sky. Therefore, the study space is also a personalized space, so don't be too rigid in rules

in modern study, there are more and more equipment that need electricity and network. Therefore, when decorating, we must do a good job in the planning of circuit and network. It is best to reserve power supply and network port on each wall, so as to avoid pulling lines in the room after adding equipment in the future, which is neither beautiful nor safe




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