Shanghai husband and wife decorate 69 square meter

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The high housing price in Shanghai is an indisputable fact. Under the pressure of such high housing price, many young people who have worked for a few years and want to buy a house also rationally consider small family houses. Although the area is small, they will also have a sense of tolerance of large family houses if they can make full use of space. Let's see how this small family house in Pudong is decorated, which is both warm and practical

building area: 69p

Room age: 12 years

location: Pudong

Room Type: two bedrooms and one living room

the house is small, and the dining table is also a customized reduced version ~ when guests come, white boards can be turned out on both sides. Six people are very comfortable to eat, and eight people can sit down. If there are more than a dozen, cough.... Go to the restaurant




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