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With the diversification of life forms, the requirements for housing are from living space to enjoying living space. With great changes, the emphasis on interior decoration and design is also increasing year by year, and the requirements for lighting are really changing from quantity to quality. People don't simply pursue brightness. It's what people pursue to get the effect of relaxation and leisure

different lights bring different emotions, and different scene needs should use different light effect applications

in residential lighting, we should fully consider the composition of the family, members' age, work, interests, etc., and jointly discuss the use of the room to choose the most appropriate lighting for each room

key points of lighting in various places of family residence

restaurant (overall illumination 50-100lux, dining table 200-500lux)

● as for dining table, it is necessary to use light sources with good color rendering for key lighting

● many people use chandeliers on the dining table. The benchmark is about 60-80cm high on the desktop. Kitchen (overall illumination 50-100lux, local illumination 200-500lux)

● use the overall lighting that can be illuminated at the corner road. When cooking and washing, install and use the low beam lamp at the place where the shadow is formed. Toilet (overall illumination 200-500lux)

● not only focus on lighting, in the horizontal direction or upper part of the mirror, use high color rendering fluorescent lamps that can reflect the natural color of the skin, and do not reflect shadows on the face


● use fluorescent lamps that can naturally show skin color and have gentle diffuse light, which can set off a sense of cleanliness and make people relaxed

● use moisture-proof lighting fixtures, and do not cast shadows on the windows. Living room (overall illumination 75-150lux)

● pay attention to the faces of the entrants and the oncomers, so that there is no shadow on their faces

● generally, choose an appliance that does not dazzle the light or use a wall lamp bracket directly above the two opposite seats

● make the front wall bright and comfortable

entrance (overall illumination 30-75lux)

● lighting fixtures match the size of the appearance

● it can show the warm atmosphere of welcoming home and visitors, and use warm color light sources

● install appliances where the light cannot be obscured when opening the door. Bedroom (overall illumination 10-30lux. Local illumination 300-750lux) dazzling light affects sleep. Use indirect lighting and covered appliances to make them emit a steady and soft light

● at the side of the bed, use table lamp or wall lamp for partial lighting

● there will be no suitable position and appliance for glare when lying in bed

● it is more convenient to use the switch on the side of the bed and the three-way entrance if the remote control switch is used. Study (overall illumination 50-100lux, local illumination 500-1000lux)

● local lighting is not only the pursuit of brightness, should choose less dazzling appliances, set in a position that does not form reflective brilliance and hand shadow





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