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Shaanxi Automobile Export truck was once again listed as f3000

Shaanxi Automobile Export truck was once again listed as FX4 truck.

it is hoped that with the help of the strength of the incubator, the enterprise can grow rapidly. China Construction machinery information

in order to meet the customized needs of customers, establish a customer-centered business philosophy, and support the competition of Shaanxi Automobile in the international market, Import and export companies have a great relationship between flow marks and welding lines and product design and mold design. They have fully investigated the truck market in Vietnam and decided to seize the market share in the truck segment. Recently, two FX4 trucks that meet the needs of Vietnamese customers have been successfully rolled off the assembly line in the general assembly plant

after receiving the assembly task, the assembly plant made a technical analysis of the model. From the structural point of view, FX4 model has an additional lifting shaft compared with the conventional 8x4 model, but the actual assembly is to test the application ability of the assembly plant to move the limit rod up and down: how to assemble the integral lifting shaft assembly? How to carry out process decomposition for lifting appliance, airbag lifting pipeline system and transmission shaft assembly A series of problems await the final assembly plant to solve

the trial production of this model is carried out by using the trial assembly line. The general assembly plant starts to pay attention to the various preparations of this model from the stage of production plan decomposition. Combined with the design documents of the Research Institute, it focuses on the analysis of the structure of the lifting shaft and the installation drawings and schematic diagrams of relevant pipeline harnesses, understands the design intent, and prepares training materials and temporary operation instructions

after the vehicle is put on line, the technicians and the trial assembly workshop formulate the assembly plan on site, reasonably arrange the layout positions of various valve bodies on the frame, avoid interference with other parts, and determine the technical size, direction and binding plan of the pipeline on site. In order to ensure the integrity and feasibility of the trial assembly of the sample vehicle, the technicians continuously optimized the pipeline direction and binding scheme, repeatedly disassembled and disassembled, and finally determined a set of the most reasonable technical scheme. At the same time, combined with the process layout of the assembly line, they formulated the assembly line production scheme to guide the subsequent batch production

on May 22, the two trial trucks were successfully rolled off the production line and passed the comprehensive review organized by various departments of the company, meeting the expected design requirements. According to the feedback of the sales system, the model is planned to be put into the Vietnamese market in batches in June, and the production unit has made various preparations. Editor's note of the general assembly plant: the trial assembly of FX4 model, from plan decomposition, technical preparation, material organization, on-site trial assembly, scheme formulation to the offline of the whole vehicle, reflects the awareness of collaboration between the company and various departments within the general assembly plant, and also accumulates valuable experience in dealing with complex and changing models. Under the new normal of complex market demand, how to improve the company's operation level, ensure production capacity while taking into account quality and cost, and delete the delivery date from S? All departments need to rush to the front line, to the places where they are most needed, and work together to overcome difficulties! Only in this way can we meet the needs of customers and lay a solid foundation for occupying various international and domestic market segments

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