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Express delivery is "grabbing people" from the manufacturing industry

employment is the biggest livelihood. The central government put forward the goal of "six stabilities" and put stabilizing employment in the first place. This year's government work report proposed the goal of creating more than 11million new jobs in cities and towns

at present, under the background of economic and industrial structure upgrading and transformation, all sectors of society have particularly heated discussions on the great changes in China's labor market: on the one hand, with the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, the recruitment threshold and salary treatment of skilled workers continue to rise, the supply of qualified industrial workers cannot meet the demand, and factories generally complain about labor shortage; On the one hand, emerging lifestyle services such as express delivery, takeout and car Hailing have released a large number of jobs with low thresholds, and young people have new employment options. With the rise of Internet industries such as takeout, express delivery and car hailing, more and more young migrant workers choose to leave the factory and enter the life service industry with more freedom, faster money making and lower threshold under this emerging industry

why do some young migrant workers prefer to send takeout rather than enter the factory? With this question in mind, the Economic Information Daily recently visited several major industrial and commercial provinces along the eastern coast and interviewed young workers, employment enterprises, relevant government departments and research institutions

low income and no freedom when entering the factory

you are on the way to take out, rain or shine, and I am sad on the assembly line of the factory; What you see is blue sky and white clouds, and what I see is iron walls and bronze walls. The message of a young worker friend was immediately approved, which not only told the truth of many migrant workers of the same age, but also reflected the new change of young workers' view of job selection

low income and lack of freedom are the main reasons why young people are unwilling to enter the factory. According to the survey, every time after the Spring Festival, manufacturing clusters such as the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River delta face a large labor shortage. Nowadays, the new life service industry, which is spawned by the Internet industry, is robbing their workers

go out and buy a bottle of water, and the person disappears. Roast, the boss of a garment factory in Guangzhou, said reluctantly that there were once 100 workers in the factory, but now there are less than 30, and the delivery date was delayed due to insufficient manpower. Now it is the workers who choose jobs, especially the post-90s generation, who have a big heart. They want to go to big cities and start businesses. It is difficult to stay in the three-point and one-line life

in the industry in which 8.2 million graduates want to work most in 2018, we can't see any shadow of manufacturing workers. Zhang Weiguo, director of the Economic Research Institute of the Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, said that today's young people grow up in the Internet era. The mechanical work on the traditional factory assembly line restricts and suppresses their spiritual needs, and also limits the play of their personality

young people don't want to work in entities because they think that entities have no future, are under great pressure, and are bitter and dirty. Now many families are well-off, and they don't want their children to go to factories. Zeng Fanming, general manager of Nantong xiangze Textile Co., Ltd., said that the emerging Internet companies have spawned a large number of types of work with low threshold but not low income, such as opening Didi, delivering takeout, delivering express delivery, and doing Valet driving. Compared with the takeout brother who earns more than 10000 a month, the life of factory workers is boring and boring, with a lot of overtime but a very low income

what attracts me most in the takeout industry is freedom of time and generous salary. Chen Dafang, a 30-year-old take out horsewoman, once worked in a Sino Japanese joint-venture TV factory, from labeling to team leader. Chen Dafang finally left the factory mainly for her family. The child is still young. A family of five lives in a small house divided by the unit of their parents in law. My husband is a driver and works hard. I want to earn more money and change to a bigger house

Chen Dafang said that it takes more than 10 years to earn more than 10000 yuan a month in the factory. Take out, do an order, take an order of money, more work, good take out workers, monthly income can reach more than 20000 yuan, much faster than making money in the factory. Belt protection

unlike Chen Dafang who took the initiative to flee the factory, Chen Haibo was forced to leave. From 1993, he joined Nanjing Nangang iron and Steel United Co., Ltd. as a workshop worker, to 2013, he was dismissed and laid off due to the impact of capacity reduction. Chen Haibo has worked in the front line of the industry for 20 years. In his middle age, there are people from old to young. In the two years since he lost his job, Chen Haibo has also tried to find a job, but he finally chose to drive a taxi as a full-time job

Alibaba research institute once released an estimated data that the number of people involved in the casual economy in China is about 110million, which is expected to reach 400million by 2036. In January, 2019, meituan released the 2018 Research Report on takeaway riders. The last job of meituan takeaway riders was industrial workers who went to the production industry, accounting for as much as 31%

express delivery and other places employment risks

nowadays, the average age of service industry practitioners such as delivery is between 26 and 30 years old, and nearly 70% of them are under 35 years old. Yin Xunfei, a researcher at the Industrial Policy Research Institute of CCID think tank of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that a large number of young practitioners have fled traditional factories and production lines and turned to the service industry, which has brought certain challenges to ensuring the development of the manufacturing industry

high liquidity and poor efficiency will lead to poor product quality and limited development of the company. Wanghaiqing, general manager of Nantong Rongwei Entertainment Products Co., Ltd., told that the company's business has developed rapidly in recent years, and the number of workers reached more than 8000 at the peak. Even if the company is located in Rugao, the second most populous county in Jiangsu, it still faces the problem of labor shortage. According to the analysis of the company's employment data for 25 years, in recent years, the turnover rate of new employees within 7 days is as high as 20%

nationwide, the number of manufacturing employment gradually fell after reaching its peak in 2013. Wind data shows that in November 2018, the number of employees in the manufacturing industry (Enterprises above Designated Size) was 71.036 million, a year-on-year decrease of 11%, especially the employment of steel, building materials, textiles and other employees decreased by more than 17%. Overall, the proportion of employed people in the secondary industry decreased from 30.3% in 2012 to 28% in 2017, while the proportion of employed people in the tertiary industry increased from 36% in 2012 to 45% in 2017

China's economic structure is undergoing a horizontal shift. Zhang Weiguo said that from the low-end manufacturing industry in the past two decades to the current low-end service industry, the Internet economy has given people an illusion of upgrading the industrial structure. But in fact, this is not a real upgrade. It is just a horizontal industrial transfer. It looks like a makeover. In fact, it is a fight between the left and the right

express delivery for two days. The industry grabs people from the manufacturing industry. This trend is not a day. Zhang Weiguo said that takeout, express delivery and car Hailing drivers make more money than workers on the assembly line, but in the final analysis, everyone eventually makes hard money, and the professional gold content of skilled workers is obviously higher than that of takeout brother. The service industry revolution forces the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and the upgrading of the manufacturing industry will eventually lead to further changes in the service industry at some point in the future

the interviewed experts generally believe that, on the one hand, the express delivery industry, takeout and other service industries are associated industries, which are appendages of the real economy. If the overall economic trend is bad, its development will inevitably be affected; On the other hand, before the industrial transformation and upgrading and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy are completed, it will cause irreversible effects such as industrial hollowing out in China to abandon or leave the manufacturing industry rashly

Zhang Weiguo said: in the past, an objective consequence of the overheating of the virtual economy was that resource factors were pulled away from the manufacturing sector and excessively concentrated in finance, real estate and other industries. Nowadays, when a large number of young workers flow into the life service industry, the future growth of labor productivity may lose its source. And when more and more labor force just to earn fast money to do those services to maintain basic life, it will also be a huge waste of human resources

according to the statistics of 2018 Alibaba local life big data, in the past 2018, the takeout boy helped bring a total of 2.51 million packs of cigarettes, helped draw 250000 times, helped throw garbage 50000 times, and helped play games 820 times

the unemployment rate in China is 4.1%, which has basically remained unchanged for more than 10 years. However, the GDP growth rate has been a downward trend since 2008. The interviewed experts pointed out that the unemployment rate did not increase in the case of slowing economic growth, which is a good thing to maintain stability for the short-term macro-economy, but from a long-term perspective, there are also unstable factors behind stable employment

employment groups have hidden dangers of instability. At present, there are tens of millions of contract workers in China, such as car hire drivers and take out riders, but the rights and interests protection mechanism of these groups is not perfect. Zhao Zhanzhan, a lawyer at Beijing Zhilin law firm, said that the relationship between the contract and the platform is basically a service contract relationship, rather than a legal labor relationship. Such groups exist in the form of flexibility, flexibility, sharing and other forms of employment. Zero social security and suspended work-related injury insurance have exposed the lack of labor security and hidden dangers of social security

from May last year to March this year, there have been three consecutive cases of passengers being killed by drivers

in addition, for riders who shuttle around every corner of the city every day, the Nanjing traffic police department has published some data: in the second half of 2018, the Nanjing traffic police investigated and dealt with 4503 traffic violations by take away riders, with an average of 25 cases per day; Earlier, in the first half of 2017, 3242 traffic accidents involving electric vehicles for taking out meals resulted in 3 deaths and 2473 injuries

the structural employment contradiction needs to be solved urgently.

the data of Baidu job search index from October 2016 to March this year are selected and analyzed. It is found that in the last eight months, the index has risen sharply, with an overall year-on-year high of 234% and an overall month on month high of 266%, indicating that the employment situation is severe and there is a mismatch in the market

Shandong is a province with a large population. Both the registered residence population and the permanent resident population exceed 100 million, and the total employment pressure has been hovering at a high level. A recent survey in Qingdao, Yantai, Weifang and other places in the province found that after the Spring Festival this year, local enterprises resumed work and employees returned to their posts normally, but most enterprises had employment gaps, in which the structural contradictions were prominent, and the difficulties of recruitment and employment coexisted

cuishuyi, director of the Institute of demography of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, said that nowadays, the service industry spawned by Internet companies is intensifying this contradiction. In fact, some large manufacturing factories have increased automation and replaced labor with machines, thereby reducing their dependence on labor. However, the vast majority of small and medium-sized companies still rely on large and mobile labor groups to maintain production, and they will continue to face the pressure of increasing labor costs

Yin Xunfei and other interviewed experts pointed out that China's manufacturing industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading and climbing over the barrier. Subject to the skills and quality of current practitioners, employment demand and job demand cannot be quickly matched. On the surface, it is a decline in economic growth, but in essence, it is a labor pains period caused by the optimization and upgrading of employment structure brought about by the high-quality development stage of manufacturing industry

with the continuous promotion of the transformation of new and old drivers and industrial transformation and upgrading, the crowding out effect on employment is more prominent, and the employment of older workers with low employment skills will be more difficult. Meijianhua, director of the Department of human resources and social security of Shandong Province, said that there was a shortage of highly skilled talents and professional and technical personnel, while the supply of job seekers without technical grades and professional and technical titles exceeded demand

can you repair the assembly line? After the replacement of the machine, the machine

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