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Express logistics enterprises shouted that the oil price could not bear the rise

yesterday, the price of refined oil rose again, and the gasoline price in Guangzhou returned to the "8 times", and the express and logistics industries were the first to be affected. Some express companies said that this year, with the rise in labor and operating costs and the rise in oil prices again, the company has been "overwhelmed". It is understood that the rise in the price of refined oil will be transmitted to all walks of life through the rise in transportation prices, and the costs of clothing, chemicals and agricultural products will rise to varying degrees

express delivery:

the cost is digested by itself and dare not raise the price rashly

yesterday, a number of express delivery companies, including SF express, said that they had no plans to adjust the price at present. A person from an express company said that the rise in oil prices will mainly affect transit transportation costs, and the price of customer terminals will not be adjusted soon. "Unless the company headquarters raises the transfer price, the cost of rising oil prices can be absorbed internally."

the point manager of a franchised express company in Guangzhou said that not only the oil price rose, but also the labor, rent and other expenses rose this year. For example, the base salary of the courier at this point was 1800 yuan before the holiday, and was adjusted to more than 2000 yuan after the holiday. "Now the express industry is still in a price war. A slight price increase will lead to the loss of some price sensitive customers."

but some consumers pointed out that the express delivery fee was rising when shopping on the Internet. In this regard, the manager of the above point told that although express delivery companies have a set of published guide prices, there will be discounts for many customers, especially Taobao sellers, and some sellers earn the price difference between express delivery and consumers


less orders, delayed opening

the rise in oil prices has further increased the freight, and what is the distance between the markings? The distance given by different standards mostly has a certain difference in the cost of enterprises. Zhuochuang data shows that at present, the transportation cost accounts for about 70% of the cost of logistics enterprises, while the cost of oil price accounts for about half of the transportation cost. The diesel price increase of 3.6% will directly increase the transportation cost by 1.77%, and then increase the logistics cost by 1.24%

yesterday, a number of freight points interviewed said that they had no plans to adjust prices for the time being. The staff of Guangzhou Tianlong freight said that there were not many orders at the beginning of the new year, and they didn't dare to raise prices. "Business is bad, and some freight companies next to them haven't opened yet." A person from an individual freight point said that he would decide whether to accept the order according to the specific situation of the process and profit if the microcomputer has strong functions


the rise in oil prices has affected the upstream industry

"the impact of the rise in oil prices on the textile and clothing industry is mainly reflected in the increased cost pressure, which affects the whole body." People in the clothing industry said that the rise in oil prices not only led to an increase in transportation costs in the clothing industry, but also had a certain impact on the cost of clothing fabrics. The relevant person in charge pointed out: "Most of the bionic intelligent material teams of Qingdao Institute of bioenergy and process, Chinese Academy of sciences have made new research progress in soft fibrous nano materials. Textile fabrics and chemical fiber fabrics are refined from petroleum products. The rise in oil prices will naturally lead to an increase in the cost of fabrics. However, due to the transmission time from the price of raw materials to the clothing itself, the price of clothes will not rise immediately in the short term."

chemical industry:

the transportation cost of tank cars will rise significantly

after the increase of gasoline and diesel prices, the freight rates of chemical products mainly transported by tank cars will undoubtedly rise significantly. "Many products of coal chemical industry, such as methanol, coal tar, PVC, calcium carbide, etc., are produced in the northwest and consumed in East China. The freight price of these products transported over long distances will rise significantly." Ning Lusheng, an analyst of zhuochuang information chemical industry, told me. "However, the transmission of freight increases to the downstream will lag. Generally speaking, large chemical enterprises will sign medium - and long-term contracts with logistics enterprises, because it is a bionic imitation of the construction capacity of natural organisms. There will be a buffer period after the freight price rises, which can be reflected when the transportation contract is signed again." Ning Lusheng said


rising prices may increase agricultural costs

spring ploughing is about to begin. "Recently, the costs of fertilizer production enterprises are rising in all aspects, including the recent rise in railway freight prices, the rise in natural gas prices, and the increase in power costs, which will increase the cost of fertilizer production." Han Jian, an analyst at zhuochuang information, said, "the rise in freight has little impact on fertilizer production enterprises, mainly because enterprises have a strong ability to transfer the pressure of rising costs to the downstream". According to the analysis of some institutions, the rise in the price of chemical fertilizer and the rise in the use cost of large machines and tools such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery will indirectly increase the consumption cost or boost the CPI

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