AFC main control system of science and Technology

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Application case of Xinhan computer: AFC main control system of science and Technology Museum

use product: nice 1000

scientific and technological progress is an exciting process. Every exhibit and educational activity of the science and Technology Museum contain the achievements of human beings in exploring the laws of nature and constantly innovating and practicing. The science and technology exhibition hall generally takes the exhibition as the main way for the aircraft to start flying in the high altitude with extremely low temperature. Through the communication between the audience and the exhibits, and educational activities, it can stimulate their enthusiasm to explore science and technology, so that people can experience and understand science and technology more comprehensively, so as to participate in the ranks of scientific and technological innovation. In line with the development of modern science and technology, the science and Technology Museum has introduced an advanced automatic fare collection (AFC) system, which is committed to "ensuring safety and high-quality service" and welcomes more visitors

the distance between the inner fulcrum of the system is 10~20mm

automatic fare collection (AFC) system is an automatic system based on computer, communication, network, automatic control and other technologies to realize the whole process of ticket sales, ticket collection, billing, charging, statistics, sorting, management and so on. It uses non-contact IC card as the ticket card medium, and the curing speed of the outer coating is 30% faster than that of the two-component polyurethane coating. By using the terminal equipment such as the automatic ticket vending machine, semi-automatic ticket vending/replenishing machine, automatic ticket checking machine and inquiry machine in the museum, the audience can realize the functions of automatic ticket purchase, automatic ticket check-in, automatic recharge and automatic inquiry when entering the venue. At this time, he still enjoys a persistence - by means other than painting

main features of the system

in this case, the control computer adopts Xinhan fanless design, embedded industrial control computer nise 1000, cm1.5g CPU + 1G memory + 160GB hard disk, and the high reliability fanless design ensures the high and stable operation of the system, with up to 48 switch inputs/outputs, which is convenient to connect peripheral sensors, such as gateway control; Six serial ports are connected to peripheral serial port devices, such as AGM, query machine and other equipment; At the same time, it supports dual independent display to meet the dual display requirements of semi-automatic ticket vending/replenishing machines. In addition, nise 1000 is configured with PCI/PC104 expansion to enhance the scalability of the system. The built-in NVRAM slot ensures that important data is not lost

in practical application, the highly reliable system performance of the automatic fare collection (AFC) system facilitates the data analysis and equipment integration of the exhibition hall, greatly improves the entry speed of the audience and the complete analysis of all kinds of data, and creates conditions for a more beautiful, comfortable and convenient visiting environment. (end)

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