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Advantech SOC solutions that integrate software services

Advantech, a leading provider of IPC solutions and services, announced the launch of two new chip system products (SOC) - eva-x4150 and eva-x4300. Advantech SOC solution integrates perfect functions and rich i/o, which can reduce the complexity of board design and shorten the product development cycle. With the advantage of ultra-low power consumption, Advantech SOC can work in a large temperature range without heat dissipation design. It is an ideal x86 SOC for various embedded applications

Advantech SOC: ultra low power consumption opens entry-level applications

eva-x4150 integrates 16 KB L1 cache, SDRAM controller, PCI, ISA bus, USB 2.0, Ethernet and ide in a 456 pin BGA package, providing a most economical solution. Eva-x4300 integrates 32 KB L1 cache, DDR2 controller, PCI, ISA bus, USB 2.0, Ethernet and ide in a 581 pin BGA package, which is suitable for various embedded applications

highly integrated SOC with software services

Advantech SOC solutions will support all kinds of PCs to apply and load peripherals, applications and OS in real time through servo Electromechanical, and combine the full static 32-bit x86 processor with professional software integration services. This service brings you unique great value and makes your products stand out in the vertical market. With Advantech SOC solutions, IPC manufacturers can easily integrate SOC into their own applications, accelerate the speed of product launch, extend product life, and maximize the return on investment

one stop procurement

● SOC procurement

● software is mainly used for coherent detection of large tonnage metallic and non-metallic mechanical materials such as steel bars, cement, concrete, castings, etc. experimental piece integration services

● software authorized distribution

● design and manufacturing services

Advantech embedded core service (emb'core) is an open business model that provides integrated software and module solutions, It can speed up the development of applications. Embedded core services are mainly specialized in the integration of software, firmware and hardware modules, and can provide customized solutions. For details, please send an email to: embcore@

about Advantech

Advantech is a global leader in providing ePlatform Services. The largest market for its own use is computers, office equipment, automobiles, replacement glass and sheets. Since its establishment in 1983, it has been committed to integrating web-based technology, computing platforms and customized services to promote the development of connected eworld. Advantech cooperates closely with system integrators, so that the latter can provide perfect solutions for many applications in all walks of life. More than 1000 products and solutions provided by Advantech cover three major parts: embedded computer platform organization (EMB sample materials are divided into metal and non-metal), services applied computing group, and industrial automation group. Advantech has more than 3400 employees in 18 countries and 36 major cities around the world and provides various support. Its sales and marketing network can provide fast services to customers around the world and help customers quickly launch products to the market. For more information, please check

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