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Express green packaging has a "hard standard"

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the express industry covers the whole country, has a wide range of influence, and involves a long upstream and downstream chain of industries. To promote the green development of express packaging, it affects the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the whole industry, which requires the joint participation of all industries and their regulatory departments

from January to July this year, China's express delivery business volume completed 40.8 billion pieces, exceeding the business volume of 2017. However, it is estimated that China's express delivery industry consumes more than 9million tons of paper waste and about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste every year, with a rapid growth trend, and the impact on the environment cannot be ignored

in recent years, relevant departments have successively issued policies to promote the greening of express packaging. Not long ago, the State Administration of market supervision and other eight departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the standardization of green packaging for express delivery (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions), proposing to comprehensively establish a strict and binding standard system for green packaging for express delivery by 2022, and promote the standard to become the "hard constraint" of green packaging for express delivery

what does this standard mean for the fast-growing express industry

express packaging to strengthen recycling

"Hello, this is your express. If you don't use this carton, can you leave it to me?" Chen Bin, the little brother of express delivery, has been delivering express in Dongcheng District of Beijing for twoorthree years. Customers are familiar with him because they know that he needs cartons. Many customers will save express cartons for him

Chen Bin told that since last June, the company has no longer provided pick-up materials, and the packaging materials for door-to-door express need to be solved by itself. "In terms of cost, we will try to recycle more cartons that are relatively intact, and we will try to use less tape when packaging." Chen Bin said that this measure of the company not only saves costs, but also brings environmental benefits, so that express cartons can be recycled

in order to solve the resource consumption and environmental problems caused by the surge in the use of express packaging, in recent years, the State Post Office has continuously promoted the green development of the express industry. In 2019, the "9571" project was implemented. By the end of last year, the utilization rate of national electronic waybills had reached 98%, 52%, and e-commerce express no longer had secondary packaging. The utilization rate of recycled transfer bags was 75%. 30000 postal express delivery points were equipped with packaging waste recycling devices. In 2020, it is proposed that the postal industry strive to achieve the "9792" goal, that is, the packaging proportion of "slimming tape" will reach 90%, the secondary packaging rate of e-commerce express will no longer reach 70%, the utilization rate of recycling transfer bags will reach 90%, and 20000 new postal express delivery points with standard packaging waste recycling devices will be set

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need the cooperation of upstream and downstream industrial chains

"in fact, most express delivery at present are packaged by e-commerce, and express delivery is just a face list." Mr. Qiu, the person in charge of an express delivery point in Chaoyang District, Beijing, told me

Shaozhonglin, former Deputy Secretary General of China Express Association, said that at present, more than 70% of express packages in China are generated by e-commerce. "It is not enough to rely solely on express enterprises to make express packaging green."

in the interview, the owner of a food store told that since 2016, the store no longer uses adhesive tape to pack express cartons, but adopts zipper type non adhesive tape cartons. According to statistics, in 2018, stores used 1.3 million zipper cartons, equivalent to reducing the use of 1.89 million meters of tape, "but the cost will be twice as expensive as ordinary packaging." The shopkeeper said that under cost pressure, it is still difficult to promote environmentally friendly cartons

shaozhonglin said that due to the current lack of unified packaging operation specifications for upstream and downstream chains, the selection and operation of packaging are not unified and unreasonable, and there is a certain degree of excessive packaging and random packaging. "The express industry covers the whole country, has a wide range of influence, and involves a long upstream and downstream chain of industries. To promote the green development of express packaging, it is the upstream and downstream authorities of the whole industry who say that Suning is suspected of using false information to hype the stock market industrial chain, which requires the joint participation of all industries and their regulators."

improve the standards to form "hard constraints"

it is found that the national post office issued the "green packaging guide for express delivery industry (Trial)" in December 2018, and issued the "green packaging specification for mail express" in June this year, making quantifiable provisions on the links involved in green packaging of packages

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shaozhonglin believes that the in-depth promotion of Green Governance of mail express packaging has higher and higher requirements for standardization, institutionalization and systematization, and the introduction of the guiding opinions is of great significance for the realization of green development of express delivery

"the scope of responsibility under the jurisdiction of the eight departments covers almost the upstream and downstream chains of the express industry, so that all links can be fully supervised to ensure that it has a restrictive effect on all industries involved." Shaozhonglin said, "this provides a unified green packaging standard for the upstream and downstream chains of the express industry."

liaohuaixue, a lawyer at taihetai law firm, believes that the guidance is only a normative document of the Department and cannot establish administrative licensing and administrative coercive measures. "One of the main objectives of the guiding opinions is to 'strengthen the support of express green packaging standards for laws and policies', and promote the basic formation of the coordination and linkage system between important express green packaging standards and laws, regulations and policies, with a view to improving the legal effectiveness of express green packaging related standards."

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