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Advertising performance of visual design of sales packaging

advertising of visual performance of sales packaging refers to the active and positive visual expression formed by purposeful design of commodity packaging, that is, the active promotion of packaging. With the development of market economy, competition has made the commodity market a "battlefield without gunpowder". How to form the advantage of competition and development has become an urgent issue for enterprises. All enterprises are seeking effective ways: on the one hand, they pay attention to improving the quality of products and strengthening the promotion of media; On the other hand, through the study of market strategies, we can obtain the sales share of the product market, win a favorable competitive advantage, and obtain greater economic profits

we do not deny the guiding effect of media advertising on commodity sales, but due to the visual but not direct contact characteristics of advertising, the real ultimate battlefield of products should occur in the market and on the shelf. Because it has the characteristics of face-to-face contact with people, the impact of packaging visual performance in the market shelves is an important factor affecting the sales rate of goods. However, as a business owner, how to make his products occupy a favorable position in the commodity market and form a larger sales advantage

if enterprises want to have high-efficiency market effect, they must pay attention to the performance of image elements of packaging after product sales experiments. It will play a decisive role in the implementation of marketing strategies. In the past, the beautification of commodity packaging has always been placed in a subordinate position after application. The passive performance of the role has greatly affected and restricted the sales growth of products. With the integration of the global economy, it brings new competition mechanism,. So that the goods on the shelves of the market are increasingly diverse and dazzling, and the commodity competition is extremely active. If the product packaging of an enterprise does not have the conditions of visual impact, the product cannot have market competitiveness. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an important measure in commodity marketing strategy to pay attention to the advertising of the visual performance of product packaging and make the packaging form an active performance

then, how to make the sales packaging reflect the advertising of visual performance? We might as well discuss some strategies from the following aspects

I Find the gap in the hearts of consumers and obtain the accurate positioning of the visual advertising performance of packaging

the successful visual communication of advertising design in sales packaging is not the product of vague theory and the pursuit of pure artistic expression. It's not the result of designers working behind closed doors. Indeed, packaging design is a visual object expressed by designers using unique visual language, but it plays a role of communication and dissemination between commodities and consumers. Therefore, the advertising design of the visual performance of sales packaging cannot be divorced from the consumption consciousness of the target consumers. We should focus on their purchasing psychology and find the consumption gap in their hearts, that is, the potential power of consumption, so as to obtain the accurate sales positioning direction and make the performance of the design "targeted". For example, middle-aged and elderly female consumers, due to the impact of the role of prudent housewives, have formed a basic consumption concept that is not only practical, safe, healthy, but also affordable. At the same time, in their subconscious, they still can't get rid of the mentality of yearning for youth. As the saying goes, "old women are beautiful" is a description of their love for beauty and lightness in previous years. Such psychological motivation is a kind of potential consciousness of consumption. Enterprises and designers should be good at finding and discovering the gap in the hearts of consumers and stimulating their consumption potential. When planning packaging design, we should integrate such awareness into the design concept, so that they can be satisfied and willing to buy and consume, so that enterprises can obtain a broader consumer market and bring greater economic benefits to enterprises. For another example, young consumers, in addition to their curiosity and love of fashion, the vanity of "face view" is another subtle consumption mentality that young people can only understand and cannot speak. The planning of visual advertising design of sales packaging should not be ignored. Perhaps it is this subtle subconscious mentality of consumption that will have a positive impact on the sales of market goods

therefore, whether the advertising positioning of sales packaging design is accurate or not must be based on an in-depth understanding of people's consumption concepts and needs. Of course, it is not only the difference of age and surname, but also the understanding of consumption concepts shown by the difference of religion, occupation, social status and so on. Only through in-depth and detailed investigation, can we find out the "gap" in their hearts and understand their real needs, can we provide a strong basis for the accurate positioning of advertising in the visual communication design of sales packaging

II. Advertising performance strategy of visual design of sales packaging

1. strategy of attention

any designer and business are eager for their commodity packaging to be noticed by consumers, buy their commodities, and complete the cycle process of commodity profits they expect. Of course, in the shelves of commodities, there are many people who can accurately analyze the cause of vibration. They want to adhere to the equal emphasis on research and development and manufacturing. But there are also some packages on the shelf, although they have been swept at a glance, but they have not left any impression. What's more, people seem to ignore them, as if they don't exist at all. So, how can packaging attract people's attention? Psychologists believe that when people choose goods in the commodity market, the procedural law of psychological reflection is "attention - memory (interest) - action". It can be seen that attention is the first, so attention is the beginning of the public's acceptance of packaging advertising. From the survey of the consumer market, it is valued by the public. From this point of view, the first purpose of packaging advertising is to attract people's attention as much as possible

packaging attention is an important means of its advertising effect. By embodying powerful information in packaging design, it is of positive significance for consumers to recognize goods from the initial stage, then arouse interest to purchase. The attention strategy of packaging advertising can be carried out through the stimulation of attention, such as the difference of size, the stimulation of color or the personality of modeling, so as to make consumers reflect. The difference in size is the emphasis on the size proportion of visual elements. During the design, the content of the main demands of the packaging can be highlighted or strengthened, resulting in a positive and active visual expression. The attractive graphics are highlighted to enhance the effect, form the conditions of visual attention and attract attention. And the performance of color, although in the packaging performance has been an inevitable reflection. However, how will the inevitable color produce attraction? Highlighting and giving full play to the attractive charm of color is a point that can never be ignored in forming a unique attraction. That is to say, we should be good at capturing the main information points, such as the "fresh, delicious, natural and healthy" infectious information points of the food image color in the food packaging. Of course, the color contrast of area, hue and lightness will also produce information points of packaged goods, such as the red of "a little red in the 10000 green clusters", which will cause information points of attention. In addition, the personalized expression of shelf packaging modeling is also a way to form attention. Therefore, through the particularity of their creative sources, various elements have a great visual impact on the market shelves, which not only firmly grasp the attention of consumers, but also lay a good impression foundation for promoting consumption

2. The influence of the strategy of memory value on the amount of memory

memory is to improve the competitiveness of similar products by strengthening the accumulation of impression; It is a reflection that people can recall things they have known. It refers to three memory stages from the initial sensory memory of the current commodity packaging understanding to the recognition after the packaging reappears, and the recollection of the impression of the packaging in the mind. Through people's consumption experience, it can be seen that it takes a long or short time for consumers to obtain the necessary information about goods from the packaging to the occurrence of purchase behavior. If the packaging can withstand the test of this memory period, it shows that the planning of visual memory in the advertising performance of packaging is successful. Therefore, the visual information of commodity packaging should not only be clear at a glance, but also be unforgettable. Through the positive and characteristic performance effect of advertising visual design through packaging, consumers can retain their memory and make a good impression, so as to be ready for another purchase

then, in front of the commodity shelf, how can the packaging form be generated from the perception of commodity advertising to memory? We can put forward some ideas and find out feasible ways from the following aspects:

⑴ using the regular aggregation or block influence of modeling elements

when the modeling elements in the packaging design are disordered, consumers in front of the shelf will be overwhelmed, which will lead them to abandon their cognition of goods, let alone retain their memories. The regular aggregation and blocking of modeling elements is to aggregate scattered small and single information into blocks, resulting in the order of the information chain and increasing the amount of memory. This is the designers' use of readers' long-term social experience to jointly and consciously complete the accumulation of memory. Specifically, it is to form a familiar and regular symbolic language of graphics, words and colors from each unit of information, so as to form the conditions for consumers' memory and prepare them for their firm confidence in purchasing this product

⑵ using the influence of visual stimulation

visual stimulation is a way to improve and do a good job in the advertising effect of packaging through the special effect of a design element in the color, text or graphic symbols in the packaging, such as contrast, specificity and other means of expression

3. Shelf display effect strategy

shelf is a platform for commodities to link consumers, and it is also an important foothold for commodity packaging to fully show its advertising charm. The performance of visual design of commodity packaging and whether it can act as an excellent salesman still need the inspection of shelf effect. It can be said that a successful brand image of goods cannot ignore the good shelf effect of the sales environment

in the shelf environment with numerous shapes and piles, as shoppers spend a short time in visual contact during walking, designers must strive to strengthen the advertising of the visual performance of packaging, so as to avoid the danger of the design being submerged in the vast "ocean" of goods. Therefore, the visual performance of the packaging of shelf goods should show the charm of advertising, First of all, the visual image should be distinct compared with the adjacent packaging. The theme should be clear, and the performance elements should not be disordered. The process of reading guidance must be clear, and its design should have characteristics, so as to maintain the visual impact of the overall typical effect

4. The effect strategy of interest charm

the expression of interest charm is another expression strategy of the sexual effect of packaging advertising. Commodities are endowed with artistry through the performance of packaging design. It can be said that the packaging with artistic emotional color will have a more infectious effect, thus forming a better visual attraction. When browsing a large number of goods, consumers often experience the packaging first with vision. At this time, if the packaging has the infectious charm of an interesting realm, it will make consumers feel like they are on the scene and get the corresponding emotional experience. In particular, the emotional expression of its expressive elements

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