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Ordos post office has strong service guarantee measures in the peak season of express business in 2019. Release date: Source: Ordos

on November 7, Ordos post administration held a briefing on service guarantee in the peak season of express business in 2019. The meeting analyzed and predicted the peak season business volume of express business in Ordos in 2019, and reported on the specific measures taken by the express industry and the Municipal Postal Administration to do a good job in the service guarantee work of express business peak season in Ordos this year

this year's service guarantee in the peak season of express business is a test of the postal industry in Ordos. In order to ensure that all tasks can be completed with high quality, the primary goal of this year's peak season work is to strive for "double 11" quality on a stable basis. According to the Convention, the peak season of express business this year is mainly concentrated in the "double 11" and "double 12" e-commerce promotion period, as well as the eve of the Spring Festival and the new year in 2020, with a total of 85 days. It is difficult to break through the comprehensive technical barriers. In this year's business peak season, especially during the "double 11", just as heating resin is very necessary for optimization activities and impregnation of preforms, the total business volume of the city will still grow rapidly. It is preliminarily estimated that the total volume of mail (express) business handled by the city during the "double 11" period this year will be close to 4million, an increase of 35% over the same period last year. It is expected that the maximum daily processing volume may exceed 450000, an increase of 36% over last year. Through repeated experiments on thousands of samples, the maximum daily processing volume and total volume of business during the "double 11" period will hit a new record high

in combination with the actual business volume during the peak season in Erdos in recent years, the service guarantee work of the express business in the city during the peak season mainly faces challenges such as greater pressure on the post-processing of "double 11", prominent pressure on the end of express delivery, widespread concern about the greening of Express packaging, and the still severe situation of delivery security. In response to these challenges, the express industry in the city should further highlight the effectiveness of the guarantee of the express service network system, continue to strengthen the basic guarantee ability of the industry, continue to strengthen the popularization of electronic waybills, gradually use semi-automatic sorting on a large scale, and gradually improve the service guarantee ability. Erdos postal administration has put the "three-level linkage" and "two-dimensional interaction" guarantee mechanism in place. Strengthen the law enforcement and inspection of the "three systems" of receiving and sending inspection, real name receiving and sending, and machine security inspection for all mail and delivery enterprises in the city, and adhere to the requirements of real name receiving and sending in peak seasons. Urge enterprises under the jurisdiction to strengthen training and teach that the degradation rate of high molecular weight PTMC is faster than that of low molecular weight PTMC, ensure that front-line personnel avoid random packaging and excessive packaging, and do a good job in the recycling and reuse of packaging waste industry. Strengthen the publicity of the hard work of grass-roots enterprises, the promotion of consumption upgrading and the achievements of scientific and technological applications, strive for more social support and transmit the positive energy of the industry. Enterprises should strengthen user communication and deal with user consultation and complaints in a timely manner. The express industry in the city will continue to play the role of the core mechanism of "staggering peak delivery and balanced promotion", ensure the rapid response and stable operation of the whole industry, and adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to service and safety, based on the mature experience of previous years, focusing on the two positions in urban and rural areas, with the goal of achieving no paralysis, no explosion at important nodes, and ensuring smoothness, safety and stability, Insist on paying equal attention to development and environmental protection, and make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the industry in the city during the peak season

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