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The express business volume will complete 60billion pieces, and the implementation of green packaging is imperative

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core tips: [China Packaging News] in 2018, the express business volume in China exceeded 50billion pieces, ranking first in the world for five consecutive years. The State Post Office proposed that the express business volume should complete 60billion pieces in 2019

[China Packaging News] in 2018, China's express delivery business exceeded 50billion pieces, ranking first in the world for five consecutive years. The State Post Office proposed that the express business volume should complete 60billion pieces in 2019. Along with this amazing set of data is the issue of environmental protection

in this regard, the State Post Office recently issued the "green packaging guide for express industry (Trial)" the tensile properties of plastics and rubber are the most important and basic properties of their mechanical properties, which stipulates the goal of green packaging in the express industry, requiring enterprises to add biodegradable plastics and gradually reduce the consumption of packaging consumables


the recovery cost is high, the recovery rate is low, and the packaging waste treatment is in the bottleneck period

from the perspective of environmental protection, so far, this order of more than 10 billion cartons in 2019 has done more harm than good. According to the data of the State Post Office, in 2016 alone, China's express delivery industry consumed 3.2 billion woven bags, 8.6 billion packaging boxes and 330million rolls of tape

what follows is that in China's megacities, the increment of express packaging waste has accounted for 93% of the increment of domestic waste, while in some large cities it is 85%-90%. These packaging waste is mainly paper and plastic

Wang Jixiang, vice president of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, said, "national policies and enterprise measures can only relatively reduce part of the waste of express packaging, and it is impossible to solve all the problems of express packaging." The high recycling cost and low recycling rate, coupled with the current garbage classification system in China has not been fully established, express garbage is not conducive to recycling

major brand express companies ensure the accuracy of testing and take measures to save 5.5 billion express packaging supplies per year.

the guide requires express companies to add fully biodegradable plastic when purchasing and using plastic packaging, explore the use of new express containers such as recycled express boxes and shared express boxes, gradually reduce the consumption of packaging consumables, and promote the recycling and reuse of packaging, "the number of recycling is not less than 20 times"

some experts believe that express enterprises can effectively reduce the problems of excessive packaging and resource waste in express packaging by adopting environmentally friendly and easy to recycle packaging solutions and promoting packaging reduction through the R & D and innovation of new materials

at present, according to the guide, the logistics industry is accelerating the upgrading of green packaging standards and solutions, and a large number of innovative environmental protection measures and products have been implemented in UL1, which has been committed to providing innovative and comprehensive support for the products of domestic and foreign enterprises

according to the preliminary statistics of the postal department, up to now, major brand express delivery enterprises can save at least 5.5 billion express packaging supplies every year by taking measures such as reducing excessive packaging and recycling cartons; The popularity of electronic face lists has increased to 92%, and at least 31.4 billion traditional paper face lists can be saved every year

at the same time, Xie Xiaowen, an expert member of the new technology promotion branch of the China Communications and Transportation Association, said that the use of green packaging and recycled materials will increase the cost of enterprises' investment, which may lead to the transfer of some costs to consumers

this poses a new challenge to the sustainable utilization rate of cartons, and also requires consumers to improve their awareness of environmental protection until they are detected by the electronic head and pay more for the possible "environmental express" in the future

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