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Chengdu express industry launched 300 new energy vehicles

on the morning of June 6, the centralized delivery ceremony of express new energy vehicles was held in Shuangliu District of Chengdu, and a total of 300 new energy vehicles were delivered to Chengdu SF express successively. The one-time investment in such a large number of orders of new extruder enterprises will rebound significantly. It is the first time for energy vehicles to enter the field of express delivery. This also means that the proportion of new energy vehicles in the express delivery industry in Chengdu has further increased. So far, the number of new energy vehicles used in production operations in the whole industry has reached 546, accounting for nearly 15%

the new energy vehicles delivered this time are all electric minivans with a shape similar to bread, which have established low, medium and high-grade echelons, and are BAIC Weiwang 307. All these vehicles will be put into the express delivery operation at the business sites in Chengdu to replace and upgrade the original express "electric tricycle"

it is reported that, unlike other passenger cars, there are no seats in the back of the car delivered this time. The volume of the cargo car is more than 5 cubic meters, which can carry about 1 ton of express goods at a time, and its carrying capacity is at least equivalent to 5 "electric tricycles". Because it is driven by electricity, it realizes "zero emissions" and helps promote the green development of the express industry

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