The hottest export trade grew faster than expected

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Export trade grew faster than expected made in china survived the most difficult period

export trade grew faster than expected made in china survived the most difficult period

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Guide: since this year, China's export trade has continued to grow faster than expected, and the export value has reached a record high in recent two months. According to media reports, the operation of export enterprises in the first half of this year was better than expected. In the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other export enterprises, everyone should fully understand the products before using any experimental machine. After the financial crisis, factories rush for orders has become

since the beginning of this year, China's export trade has continued to grow faster than expected, and the export value has reached a record high in recent two months. According to media reports, in the first half of this year, export enterprises such as talent recruitment, on-the-job training, intensive training and other industries performed better than expected. In areas where export enterprises are concentrated, such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, the "factory order grabbing" after the financial crisis has become a "trader factory grabbing". The current export situation has basically stabilized at the level before the crisis in 2008

the growth momentum of China's exports has exceeded the predictions of many international people. Previously, many economists predicted that China's exports would be greatly impacted by the contraction of the external market. In addition, another situation with the growth of China's exports is also worth noting: with the growth of exports, the bargaining power of Chinese enterprises has also increased simultaneously. Thanks to traders from all countries competing for China's industrial new materials, new technologies and new processes nbsp; The price of many factory products has also been increased due to the orders of automobile lightweight focus guide factory, and foreign traders are also willing to accept the price increase requirements of Chinese enterprises

the unexpected growth of China's exports has proved the viability of China's major manufacturing enterprises after the outbreak of the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007. The financial crisis that began in the United States and Europe soon affected the real economy of all countries in the world, and the real economy of western developed countries was most affected

these effects include: on the one hand, restricted by the difficulties in recovering funds, banks will adopt conservative loan policies when granting loans to enterprises, which will inhibit private investment behavior. The reduction of private investment will inevitably affect social and economic growth; On the other hand, due to the uncertainty of the market future, enterprises slowed down the pace of investment, began to slash staff, cut spending on a large scale, and became conservative in lending to banks. Such a simple financial crisis, with the passage of time, began to attack the real economy, resulting in increased unemployment, decreased consumption capacity, and the entire consumer market began to shrink, thus affecting the development of the global economy

it can be said that for many Chinese enterprises, the impact is no less than that of Companies in the United States and Europe, especially those enterprises whose main sales target is export. After the manufacturing enterprises in other countries closed down or scaled down due to the market contraction caused by the financial crisis, Chinese related enterprises successfully survived the most difficult period in 2008 and 2009

therefore, after the rigid rebound in market demand, opportunities naturally favor Chinese enterprises that survive the crisis. The willingness of western traders to accept China's request for price increases reflects that after the crisis, the competitors of Chinese related enterprises have been unable to compete or have simply been eliminated. Chinese enterprises have become almost the only supplier, and western traders naturally have to accept the price increase request. This is just like the three major iron ore suppliers in the world, who have strong bargaining power in iron ore pricing

the unexpected growth of export trade can preliminarily prove that Chinese enterprises have successfully broken through this round of global financial crisis, which is worthy of recognition. However, we should not be complacent about this, because China's export growth is largely dependent on low-end manufacturing, such as clothing, toys and other consumer goods

this kind of market demand is rigid demand. It is precisely because of this rigid demand that their consumer market can take the lead in recovering. Therefore, it does not mean that China has made a substantial breakthrough on the road of industrial upgrading. On the contrary, if we are content with this recovery and despise the pressure of future external environment deterioration, it will harm our efforts in industrial upgrading

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