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The recycling plan of express packaging needs to be refined, energy conservation and emission reduction is the trend

Pan Jing, a Beijing citizen, works as an administrator in an enterprise, often sends and receives express, and always throws away several packaging boxes or document seals every day. What a waste, thanks to the use of a large number of flame retardant materials on the aircraft! Especially some cartons, if only they could be reused! Pan Jing said

Pan Jing's idea may be realized soon. The official Weibo of China Post Express News hosted by the State Post Bureau revealed that zhaoxiaoguang, deputy director of the State Post Bureau, announced on the 27th that the industry standard of "measurement method of greenhouse gas emissions from Express Services" would be launched. Quantifying the daily emissions of express delivery enterprises will encourage the express delivery industry to actively save energy and reduce emissions in daily services. It was also learned in the interview that, in fact, the exploration of energy conservation and emission reduction in Chinese express delivery enterprises has started

express enterprises pilot the secondary utilization of packaging

SF participated in drafting the industry standard of "measurement method of greenhouse gas emissions from Express Services". With the measurement method, enterprises can understand their own level of emissions. We believe that taking the lead in energy conservation and emission reduction is not only fulfilling the social responsibility of enterprises, but also improving work efficiency and saving costs. The relevant person in charge of SF express said in an interview on the 27th

the person in charge told that SF had reduced the size of the document seal. After repeated research, we found the minimum size on the basis of meeting the needs of customers. In addition, we are also studying adding a seal to the document seal to realize the secondary utilization of the document seal

the woven bags used by express enterprises in the process of long-distance transportation used to be eliminated once. However, in some conditional areas, SF recycles and reuses woven bags

some express companies have also extended the measures of energy conservation and emission reduction to the last mile. According to the relevant person in charge of Yuantong express, Yuantong has piloted in some regions that users have turned in 10 express packages and sent one express for free

and I have begun to try to recycle express packaging. Mr. Liu, a citizen of Beijing, bought some food from me the other day. The door-to-door courier politely asked him if the cartons could be recycled if they were useless. Mr. Liu readily promised: at that time, he didn't think of environmental protection, so he thought it would be good to have someone help take the garbage downstairs? Now I think it would be great if express companies could be so environmentally friendly

the express package recycling plan needs to be refined

however, some consumers hold different ideas

Ms. Chang, a Beijing citizen, has concerns: sometimes there is an express bill on the package, which is full of personal information. If the feedback is expected to be shipped in January 2017, will personal information be leaked when it is reused

some people said they didn't like the old express packaging. Sometimes I send gifts to relatives and friends by express. If the express package is reused, it will inevitably get dirty. Citizen Ms. Xu said

therefore, there are also express delivery enterprises who do not want to be named, saying that it has been a long time since they planned to reduce costs by recycling packaging, but they have been cautious in this regard. At present, they are still in the stage of research and feasibility analysis. They will not launch relevant measures rashly until they find ways to meet the needs of different consumers

industry insiders said that in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, express companies have made more attempts to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the distribution transportation sector, but they are usually more cautious and progress is relatively slow in the links that need the cooperation of consumers. Express packaging recycling measures also need in-depth research and thinking to form a more detailed plan. For example, how to determine the standard? How to mobilize consumers' enthusiasm to cooperate with enterprises' environmental protection practices, etc

but it is certain that energy conservation and emission reduction is the embodiment of the management level of the express industry and the general trend of the industry development

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