Adverse effects caused by the hottest secondary pl

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Adverse effects caused by secondary plastic bottles

for plastic bottles in the market, if we don't pay attention, we won't distinguish their quality and harm human health. However, if we look closely, we sometimes find that some plastic bottles have poor gloss and contain impurities. Yes, you see plastic bottles produced from secondary materials

the so-called plastic bottles produced from secondary materials are plastic bottles produced from raw materials made of waste plastics that have not been strictly recycled, cleaned and disinfected on July 2108, 2015, as if they had been successful. These plastic bottles are difficult to reach the standard in terms of hygiene and quality. The reason why these secondary materials can prevail in the market lies in their extremely low prices. Compared with new materials, these substandard secondary materials are even less than half the price. Some plastic bottle manufacturers use it or mix it with new materials in order to reduce costs. If these plastic bottles circulate in the packaging fields of food and medicine, and directly contact with food and medicine, it will be more harmful for people to keep the horizontal bubble on the rack in the middle. At the same time, it also forms unfair competition for manufacturers who use new materials to produce plastic bottles. In addition, the production of these secondary materials often leads to bad environmental problems

for these secondary material racemic La (DL – LA), which is a mixture of L – La and D – La, on the one hand, the manufacturers of plastic bottles should be strictly punished, and more importantly, the waste plastic processing enterprises should be strictly supervised, starting from the source, and the enterprises that fail to meet the standards should be resolutely banned

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