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The new rules of express delivery encountered soft resistance. The industry said that brutal sorting could not cure the problem.

Jumei premium products' promotion was questioned because of logistics chain interruption. Yuantong Express still operated according to the "old method" after the introduction of the new rules... It is the constant way for enterprises to survive that the purchase led express from phased success to becoming one of the top 500 domestic enterprises. The delivery industry is hot, but the service quality of express delivery has been criticized by consumers.

purchase has developed rapidly in recent years, The express industry is also on fire. However, compared with the soaring business volume, the service quality of the express industry can not go up, and has been criticized by consumers.

recently, even Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce, has "roast", and the service quality of some express enterprises needs to be improved. According to the data released by the national authority, 40% of the complaints from consumers are caused by the delay of express delivery, 30% by the service attitude, and 20% by the loss and damage of express delivery

the new "express market management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "new measures") implemented on March 1 stipulates that rough sorting can be fined 30000 yuan; The delay, damage and loss of express shall be compensated according to the market price; The delivery clerk shall inform the customer to inspect the goods before signing

however, the rule of law weekend interview found that the implementation of the new method encountered "soft resistance" in the express industry, and the actual operation was still in accordance with the "old rules". Moreover, both consumers and delivery staff are still in a state of "not knowing" and "not knowing" about the new method

don't do porcelain work without diamond

"I bought 200 glasses and found that only about 150 were intact when I opened them." Mr. Xu told the rule of law weekend, "yesterday, the express company called and told me that the goods had arrived at the logistics park, but they couldn't be delivered. I had to come to the door in person. When I was weak, I didn't check it, and I didn't expect it to be broken so much."

Mr. Xu doesn't plan to claim. He thinks it's very troublesome to claim. Even if he loses, he can only pay 3 times the postage at most, and he may have to go to the logistics park again. He didn't know that the new method had been officially implemented, and he didn't even know that door-to-door delivery was the obligation of the express company. In fact, there are not a few consumers like Mr. Xu

"I think it may not arrive in a week. 1 Xiao Ke (a pseudonym) is angry when he thinks that the things he bought on Jumei premium products (hereinafter referred to as" Jumei ") have not arrived yet

since March 1 this year, Jumei has launched a massive celebration of its third anniversary. However, it was unexpected that the station and the client broke down due to too many visitors on March 1

Jumei CEO Chen Ou apologized to many consumers who delayed receiving goods through Weibo in the early morning of March 6: "this time we screwed up, and the orders far exceeded the processing capacity. Although our warehouse has been operating 24 hours a day for several days, it has also pressed millions of orders. In addition to our deep apology, we will try our best to solve the problem without sleeping."

as of press time, a relevant person from Jumei public relations department told the rule of law weekend: "although the current situation of the '301 promotion' position explosion and congestion has improved, it has not been satisfactorily resolved. And the roast complaints of consumers have also caused great pressure on Jumei premium products."

"don't do porcelain work without diamond." Qiu Baochang, head of the lawyers' group of the China Consumer Association, told the rule of law weekend, "e-commerce logistics should ensure the transaction volume and deliver the goods according to the agreed time. If it cannot be reached, consumers should be compensated."

the deliveryman was full of bitterness

the rule of law visited Gao Peng (a pseudonym), the person in charge of a certain point of Yuantong express, and actually experienced the life of a deliveryman

"get in the car. These express deliveries must be delivered before the customers get off work. We're too tired in this business and never think there's enough time. If we want to inspect the goods before signing, as you said, I'm afraid it's too late. Of course, customers take the initiative to mention that China's plastic extruder market is full of confidence, and we won't refuse to inspect the goods." Gao Peng said to the rule of law weekend

"I admit that the express industry is indeed in a mess. Due to the low threshold of delivery staff, many of them are temporary workers, with poor service attitude, express delivery loss and delay, and even some employees privately raise express prices and disclose users' personal information, these situations do exist." Gao Peng said, "but in the final analysis, it's still because of poor treatment, there is no guarantee to keep people. Without anyone, the express delivery can't be completed, and it's impossible to find someone to make up for it in a short time."

"Hello, Yuantong express, please come to the door of the unit to pick up the pieces." Mr. Gao called a dozen times in a row and repeated the same sentence. Two of them were not answered, one was not in the unit, and the other was sent to another place

"I'm not afraid to change it. The most worried thing is not to pick it up. When I just leave and he returns, do you say I won't go back? I'm afraid I'll delay other customers when I return. If I don't, I may be complained." Gao Peng shook his head helplessly

rule of law sent fiveorsix companies to Mr. Gao at the weekend, and didn't return to o'clock until 6:30. At this time, the couriers also came back one after another. They also have to send the express delivery that no one signs back to the head office, which can be finished around 8 o'clock every day

the new rules of express delivery are in vain

the new methods were found to be in vain in the interview of the rule of law weekend, and neither consumers nor couriers knew much about them. Not only Yuantong, but also other express companies

"handle it with care, which is too high for us. Each person has to send more than 100 pieces a day, and we have to send them all. We have so many hands, and there is no way to 'throw' them." Xiao Zhang, the courier of Yuantong, said, "I dare say that all express delivery companies have 'barbaric sorting', and it is impossible to cure it in the short term."

in response to the above questions, rule of law contacted the person in charge of Yuantong company at the weekend, but did not get a reply. On the official website of Yuantong, it was found that the customer service department of Yuantong first inserted the zigzag auxiliary parts into each sample in 2013, and organized employees to learn the new method on February 20

Huang Ying, a professor at Jiangsu University of science and technology, said: "in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the country, which are inseparable from promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, we must train the delivery staff, rather than go to customer service if there is a problem."

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