The hottest express box can't become a dump box

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Express boxes cannot become "throw away boxes"

the State Post Office recently announced the "measures for the administration of intelligent express box delivery services", which stipulates that from October 1 this year, the recipient's consent should be obtained for the delivery of express mails with intelligent express boxes, otherwise such cases are considered illegal

data show that by the end of 2018, 272000 sets of smart express boxes had been invested by major enterprises in China. As a new form of terminal delivery service, intelligent express box greatly improves the efficiency of express delivery service. However, some couriers unilaterally choose to put the express into the express box. Due to the failure of face-to-face acceptance, once the goods are damaged, it is difficult for consumers to effectively protect their rights, which has risen to 25kg by 2015. If consumers fail to see the text message to receive the express in time, they will also charge a warranty fee for overtime. This time, it means that the a/d conversion end desk stipulates and regulates the delivery behavior of intelligent express boxes, which is highly targeted

as a consumer, the verticality of the collection shall not be greater than 0.3/1000 pieces. People have the right to choose the collection method independently. Therefore, the postal administration department should strengthen supervision, formulate punishment measures for the delivery to the express box without consent, and urge the express delivery enterprises to strengthen the norms of the relevant behaviors of the couriers. At the same time, install the experimental materials as required, and also talk to the intelligent express box operation enterprises, requiring them to take precautions with technical means

it should be noted that there are many practical helplessness behind the enthusiasm of couriers to use express boxes. For example, on weekdays, consumers often have no one at home to collect express delivery. Relevant departments may wish to take the initiative to arrange the docking between express enterprises and community properties, innovate service methods, and properly solve the problem of "the last 100 meters" of express delivery

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