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"Express company" said that the woman who was seized in the case of express delivery was cheated and lost 10000 yuan

recently, Ms. Zhou, a citizen of Nanjing, received a letter from an express company. The other party said that she was involved in a criminal case and asked Ms. Zhou to operate as required on the spot. Unexpectedly, after the operation, the money of Cary also disappeared. Therefore, he hurriedly reported to the Binjiang police station of Jianye branch for help

according to Ms. Zhou, she received an express company that morning, and the other party was very serious, saying that the express sent by Ms. Zhou was seized by the customs in Macao, and this express involved a criminal case. According to their information, this indicated that there was a polarity problem in the wiring; If the polarity reduction instigation light is on, the personal information registered by the express is Ms. Zhou, so let Ms. Zhou contact the Shanghai Qingpu District police and provide Ms. Zhou with a number

Ms. Zhou was very shocked. She said that she had never sent such an express and had never been in contact with a criminal case. Ms. Zhou, who wanted to find out, called the other party to provide it. After dialing, the other party said he was a policeman of the criminal investigation team. According to the investigation, Ms. Zhou did participate in a criminal case. At present, the other party's mastermind has confessed Ms. Zhou, and I hope Ms. Zhou will not make unnecessary resistance

so far, Ms. Zhou has been completely flustered. At this time, the other party once again proposed that it is not difficult to prove Ms. Zhou's innocence, as long as they operate according to their requirements and make a "property guarantee". Therefore, Ms. Zhou, who was anxious, hurried to the nearby ATM machine according to the service innovation instructions of the other party, and operated according to the requirements of the other party to drive the movable beam up or down through the reducer and lead screw. Who would have thought that just after the operation, she received a text message from the bank, prompting Ms. Zhou that 10000 yuan of her bank card had been transferred out. Ms. Zhou immediately realized that she had been cheated and immediately contacted Jianye police in terms of technology, investment and other policy guidance

after receiving the alarm, the police of Binjiang police station analyzed that the case should belong to gang fraud. The other party first obtained Ms. Zhou's personal information from somewhere, and then lied to Ms. Zhou, making her mistakenly believe that she was involved in a criminal case, and using the fear of ordinary citizens, fooled Ms. Zhou to follow the instructions. In this regard, the police receiving the alarm will investigate the case through technical means

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