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During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's paper products industry will mainly carry out work from the above aspects

first, the scale of China's paper products packaging enterprises is relatively small, and there are few enterprises with an annual output of more than 20million square meters. It is not a skill question to show this appearance. Most enterprises are less than 1000 square meters, and the total capacity of carton processing and production is higher than the current actual demand. In this case, it is necessary to change ideas in time, adopt various forms such as cooperation and merger, and adopt advanced processing technology and management means, Adapt to market changes as soon as possible

second, there are a single variety of cartons, most of which are cow leather. The coating of white kraft paper has just started, and there are few color plates. The quality of paper packaging products is not satisfactory, and the box surface is uneven, and the box cover is easy to crack; Fruit and vegetable packaging boxes can not play the role of fresh-keeping, water resistance and poison prevention

the materials used for cartons are only white board with white background and white board with gray background, which are at the middle and low level. White card, color card and glass card materials commonly used abroad are rarely produced in China, or even have not been produced. Foreign cartons have been made of E, F, G, n-type and other fine corrugated plates. This kind of plate can be produced and processed with waste paper. Compared with paperboard, it saves fresh pulp raw materials, has low cost and high strength, and is conducive to protecting the environment. Papermaking enterprises can produce it without too much transformation. Mechanical component manufacturing enterprises need to strengthen the development and production of fine corrugating rollers, which can be achieved by improving the box making machine in the machinery factory. This has long been adopted in Europe, and this product is also in line with China's national conditions

third, we should break industry boundaries and monopolies, often transmit domestic and foreign commercial packaging information, organize the production of cartons, cartons and other paper products, the production of raw and auxiliary materials, the manufacturing of packaging and printing machinery, scientific research and design, colleges and universities, quality supervision and other units to jointly offer ideas and suggestions for the common development of paper product packaging. In the field of carton manufacturing materials, material selection and processing, carton design, and the environmental work of carton finished product inspection, it is also necessary to increase technical input and management, take science and technology as the guide, constantly reduce the production cost of paper products after being confirmed by the evaluation team on site, improve product quality, increase variety, and serve the domestic and foreign markets

mechanical parts should be produced in general and professional cooperation. On the one hand, unnecessary troubles caused by poor versatility and interchangeability to the maintenance of paper packaging manufacturers should be avoided; on the other hand, the production cost of the whole line of production plants should be reduced, and the capital investment required to improve the quality of parts and components should be reduced, which is conducive to learning from each other and common development

fourth, the corrugated board production line should research and develop high-speed vacuum adsorption corrugated rollers to improve the stability of equipment operation and reduce the accident rate. Appropriately restrict the single corrugated board machine with low technical content, high consumption and low efficiency, which is not the mainstream of development. Packaging machinery needs to develop electromechanical integration technology, computer control technology and module technology to improve the level of design and manufacturing

fifth, carton printing has developed from monochrome printing to multi-color printing. Most carton enterprises in China still use monochrome printing, and multi-color printing is starting. In general, due to the constraints of plate quality, printing plate, plate making technology, printing machinery and other conditions, there are few cartons with beautiful printing. Facts have proved that the development of flexographic printing is a way to reduce the production cost of cartons. Carton flexographic printing has just started in China. We should be sober to see the potential vitality. Although it is currently restricted by factors such as paperboard surface quality, corrugated rollers, flexible brush plates, plate making technology, printing operation technology, water-based ink and so on, we still need to constantly summarize and exchange, break through difficulties through practice, and there will be rapid development in the near future

sixth, the only way for the paper packaging industry to cope with the international competition when China joins the WTO is to continue to deepen the system reform, strengthen the alliance between enterprises, form a joint fleet, break the restrictions of industry departments, form a joint business, expand economic strength, concentrate capital advantages and technical forces, increase science and technology, and our team and I are constantly transforming learning achievements into productivity, and make full use of modern science and technology, Strengthen the construction of the enterprise itself, improve the level of scientific and technological management, reduce production costs, improve the market share and market competitiveness of products, and strive to achieve both economic and social benefits

seventh, the development focus of paper products is: (1) cartons. Light (three-layer), heavy (five layer, seven layer) packaging cartons or protective packaging with light weight and high strength; Color cartons; Develop bonding boxes and increase the proportion of bonding boxes; To improve the processing accuracy and efficiency of the whole line of the box making machine, the focus is on the processing of the staff shape of the staff and the hot spot. To improve the performance of the box gluing machine and adhesive, and to develop energy-saving and efficient drying devices and technologies

(2) carton. High quality color box printing; Develop corrugated boxes

(3) bags, barrels, cans, tubes. To comply with the environmental requirements, Jinan Shijin will share the installation method of the electronic tensile testing machine with you, advocating paper bags, barrels and cans packaging, from the past single industrial packaging to commercial packaging for people's needs, such as food, grain small packaging, shopping bags, etc

(4) paper container. On the basis of the development and production of catering container cardboard in the paper industry, in addition to the development of pulp molded lunch boxes, the development of low-cost and efficient production of coated or non coated cardboard lunch boxes. Further filling is forbidden to make the market blank brought by PPE foaming plastic lunch boxes; Develop the production of paper cups and bowls for one-time use

(5) research and develop honeycomb paperboard plates and post forming processing equipment, making it possible to replace wood with paper

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