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Next year's six major tasks for green development of the industry are determined

next year's six major tasks for green development of the industry are determined

December 15, 2017

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green development is an important part of the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. Under the new situation and new requirements of building a powerful country in the petroleum and chemical industry, Comprehensively improving the development level of green and low-carbon cycle has become an urgent task for the sustainable development of the whole industry. At the 2017 petroleum and chemical industry green development conference held in Beijing from December 14 to 15, Li Shousheng, President of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, identified six major tasks for the whole industry in green development next year

president Li Shousheng pointed out in his speech that the petrochemical industry has created an industrial environment by formulating an overall action plan for green development and six action plans for green development, so that users can quickly and intuitively view test data and results; A series of measures such as nursing Engineering Center have made some achievements. However, at present, there are still shortcomings in the green development of the industry, and the environmental problems are still prominent. In 2018, the whole industry should do the following work in terms of green development: first, we should focus on key areas and key links of technological transformation, and accelerate the formation of a green industrial system; Second, we should further promote circular economy and cleaner production, and strive to build a full life cycle green industrial chain; Third, we should speed up the implementation of the six action plans and strive to solve the outstanding problems that restrict green development; Fourth, we should actively carry out collaborative research between industry, University and research to cultivate and expand new driving forces for green development; Fifth, we should fully implement care and strive to improve the level of intrinsic safety of the industry; Sixth, we should actively promote the construction of industry green development service platform and create a good green development environment

On December 12, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting the green development of the petrochemical industry. "Enhancing the subject consciousness of green development of enterprises and comprehensively improving the green development level of petrochemical enterprises is one of the key tasks of the current petrochemical industry. According to the opinions, the green development of petrochemical industry should complete four key tasks: first, optimize the industrial layout and standardize the development of the park; second, accelerate the upgrading and transformation and vigorously develop green products; third, improve the scientific and technological support capacity; fourth, improve the green standards of the industry." Yaomingkuan, director of the environmental protection department of the Environmental Resources Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said

Gao Yunhu, director of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that according to the opinions, the energy conservation and green development of the petrochemical and chemical industry can be promoted from the following aspects: accelerate the green transformation of traditional industries, cooperate with upstream and downstream scientific research institutions, and jointly establish a green design platform; Actively carry out green manufacturing demonstration and carry out the construction of green manufacturing system in depth; Further optimize the firmness of accessories! In the process of procurement, the structure and layout of Sinopec and chemical industry, deeply promote the supply side structural reform, carry out the elimination of backward and resolve excess capacity in accordance with the law and regulations, and accelerate the transformation, relocation and park development of chemical enterprises; Strictly control the environmental risks of petrochemical projects along the river

in order to give full play to the clear-cut role of "not allowed" and "strictly restricted use" stipulated in the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials, the petrochemical Federation has carried out the identification of green factories, green products and environmental protection engineering centers in the whole industry since this year. The conference commended 43 green factories and 45 green products. These enterprises have prominent highlights and distinctive characteristics in green development, and have a strong demonstration and leading role. The conference also awarded licenses to 16 environmental protection engineering centers in the petroleum and chemical industry. These recognized engineering centers have outstanding professional technology, strong technological innovation, transformation and engineering application ability, and good engineering application effect, which can effectively solve the outstanding environmental problems in the industry

according to the introduction, the identification of green factories, green products and environmental protection engineering centers in the early stage has gone through organizational declaration, expert on-site review, media publicity and other links. As a basic work to promote the green development of the industry, it will continue to be promoted during the 13th five year plan period

the meeting was hosted by China Petrochemical Federation and China Chemical Environmental Protection Association, with more than 300 participants

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