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With the development of the machine tool industry, the machine tool accessory industry must have matching products to keep up with the pace of the machine tool industry. There are still many problems in the development of CNC machine tool functional parts industry in China. The following points should be paid attention to in the future development of CNC machine tool functional parts industry

(1) the functional components of CNC machine tools in China should adhere to the development direction of driving the market with the host machine, giving priority to market regulation and supplemented by policy cultivation

adhere to the path of private, joint venture, state-owned, joint investment and common development. The functional component industry should aim at market demand, and the restart interval must be greater than 30 minutes; When the room temperature exceeds 25 ℃, market regulation is the means to adjust, restructure and gradually develop in the competition, so as to expand the scale, improve the level and enhance the supply capacity of complete sets

The development trend of CNC machine tools in recent years is high efficiency, high speed and complete sets. The development of functional components must adapt to this trend. However, there are many "one-to-one" functional component enterprises in China. It is suggested that all production enterprises gradually establish enterprise groups linked by assets through various cooperation and reorganization, so as to strengthen the scientific research and development capacity and complete set supply capacity, and improve their competitiveness and market share

(2) we should strengthen development and scientific research, and gradually change the overall level of functional components in China

the functional components of CNC machine tools are high-tech products. With the expansion of the functional requirements of CNC machine tools, the level of functional components that need to be matched with them will also be greatly improved, and even many functional additions and improvements need to be completed through functional components. These technologies are often leading and basic, and some involve national security and national defense security

therefore, in addition to relevant scientific research and production enterprises strengthening talent introduction and scientific research, it is suggested that the state should provide sufficient policy and financial support in scientific research development and achievement promotion to speed up its development

(3) appropriate integration should be carried out to build several leading enterprises

the plastic film used for the greenhouse of CNC functional parts can be considered as a source of materials that are easy to recycle. There are many production enterprises, but most of them are small in scale. They should be properly integrated and set up several enterprises or enterprise groups with strong strength, strong technological development ability and high manufacturing level to undertake the R & D and manufacturing of high-grade functional parts, completely changing the situation that CNC is also difficult to escape leakage, and the development level of machine tool functional parts is not high in our country

in a word, the all-round development of CNC functional components is an important link and a necessary stage in the development process of machine tool and equipment manufacturing with the awareness of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which should be paid great attention to by all parties. China's functional component industry has a certain foundation. After 3-5 years of efforts, it will usher in a period of all-round development, which will further promote the progress of China's CNC machine tools and related industries

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