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In 2018, China's blockchain industry development analysis industry is in a high-speed development stage

blockchain is the underlying technology of bitcoin, and bitcoin is the first application of blockchain technology. From the perspective of the application of blockchain technology, blockchain technology can be divided into three stages: the first stage is bitcoin, that is, a set of ledger system and currency issuance mechanism, which does not support other application development; The second stage is Ethereum. On the basis of improving the bitcoin block, Ethereum adds a smart contract mechanism, on which everyone can develop applications. In essence, it is a robust and secure distributed state machine. The typical technical composition includes consensus algorithm, P2P communication, cryptography, database technology and virtual machine, and its five essential core capabilities are stored data, shared data, distributed Tamper proof, privacy protection and digital contracts.; The third stage is an expansion stage similar to Ethereum. Blockchain will complete the exchange of value

development status of the blockchain industry

according to the "in-depth analysis report on business model innovation and investment opportunities in the blockchain industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, as of the end of March 2018, the number of blockchain companies with blockchain business as the main business in China has reached 456, and the industry has initially formed a scale

judging from the changes in the number of newly established companies in China's blockchain industry, the number of Companies in this field began to increase in 2014. By 2016, the number of newly established companies had increased significantly, more than 100, more than three times that of 2015. 2017 was the peak of blockchain entrepreneurship in recent years. Due to the rapid popularization of blockchain concepts and the gradual maturity of technology, many entrepreneurs poured into this field, and the number of companies established outside the new warranty period reached 178

number of blockchain industry companies in China in

source: the forward looking Industry Research Institute sorted out

at the same time, the integration of blockchain with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and IOT continues to expand new space for technology application and further release the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. The development of artificial intelligence should be based on massive big data. Blockchain can ensure the security and credibility of data. Once the two are deeply combined, they can produce more new applications, create a safe intelligent learning environment, create an organization with a higher level of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management, and provide a wider range of intelligent applications

at present, China's blockchain industry is in a stage of rapid development, with entrepreneurs and self-reliance pouring in. Blockchain applications are accelerating the implementation, boosting the high-quality development of traditional industries and accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading. In addition, blockchain technology is deriving into a new business form, becoming a new driving force for development, promoting a new round of business model reform, and becoming an important support for building an honest social system. At the same time, local governments are actively positioning blockchain technology from an industrial height, and the policy system and regulatory framework are gradually developed and improved

in 2017, China's blockchain technology revenue reached 29 million yuan, with a growth rate of 163.6%; With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, some of China's largest technology companies, including Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and, are using blockchain technology in various ways. It is expected that the scale of China's blockchain technology revenue will further expand to 81 million yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of 179.3%

trend of China's blockchain technology revenue and growth rate in

source: forward looking Industrial Research Institute, and in this process, sort out

blockchain development trend analysis

1 Blockchain has become the forefront of global technology development. At present, blockchain has gradually become an important basic measure of "value interconnection". All countries have begun to actively embrace blockchain technology, open up a new track of international industrial competition, and seize the commanding height of a new round of industrial innovation to strengthen international competitiveness

in China, at present, China has a good development of blockchain and has a wide range of application scenarios of blockchain technology. In the next stage, we will continue to accelerate the infrastructure construction progress of public chain and other value interconnection infrastructure, and actively build a blockchain industrial ecosystem with Chinese characteristics

2. Enterprise application is the main battlefield of blockchain, and alliance chain/private chain will become the mainstream direction

at present, the practical application of enterprises is concentrated in the field of digital currency, which belongs to virtual economy. In the future, blockchain applications will turn from virtual to real. More traditional enterprises use blockchain technology to reduce costs, improve collaboration efficiency, and stimulate real economic growth. It will be the main battlefield of blockchain applications for some time in the future

different from public chains, in enterprise level applications, people pay more attention to blockchain management and control, regulatory compliance, performance, security and other factors. Alliance chain and private chain, a blockchain deployment mode with strong management, are more suitable for enterprises to use in the implementation of applications. They are the mainstream technology direction of enterprise applications

3. The integration of blockchain technology expands new application space

blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, point-to-point transmission, transparency, traceability, tamperability, data security and so on, which can be used to solve some pain points of existing businesses. Many car users who like to use their brains have developed simple and useful testing methods to realize the innovation of business models. To a certain extent, it solves the problems of integrity, authenticity and uniqueness in the transmission of value to celebrate the traditional festival of the Chinese nation

with the development of IOT and AI technology, the combination of blockchain and IOT and AI can greatly improve the feasibility of online information, ensure the accurate mapping of offline objects to online, improve the overall credibility of the system, and then achieve landing in more scenes

4. Blockchain technology will be widely implemented in the real economy in the next three years

with the rapid development of China's blockchain industrial ecology, more and more projects will actually be implemented. In the future, blockchain technology will continue to accelerate its wide application in industrial scenarios, deeply integrate with real economy industries, and form a number of "industrial blockchain" projects, which will become the application trend of blockchain technology

in the next three years, it will be a time for traditional industries to integrate more closely with blockchain. As blockchain begins to change the market structure, enterprises will pay attention to the transformation of business, and new ecosystems with smart contract technology will be integrated into existing industries. New business models and regulatory service models will emerge, and the number of social enterprises will increase significantly

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