Analysis on the development of China's Melamine In

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Analysis on the development of China's Melamine Industry in 2012

recently, the price of melamine is still low. The ex factory price of melamine by atmospheric pressure method is 7800 ~ 8200 yuan per ton, the same below. The ex factory price of melamine by high pressure method is 8300 ~ 8500 yuan, and the export price is 1240 ~ 1280 dollars, with little change in price. However, the enterprise said that the shipment was smoother than that in the early stage, the inventory pressure was small, and the market showed signs of slight improvement

the melamine market has improved, mainly due to three reasons:

first, downstream demand began to improve. The main downstream industry of melamine is the plate processing industry. In the early stage, due to the long Spring Festival holiday and the rainy weather in the south, the operating rate of plate enterprises is not high. As the weather turned sunny, the number of plate mills that resumed normal production began to increase. In addition, the enthusiasm of some middlemen to participate in bargain hunting and hoarding has increased, which has improved the demand for melamine, especially in coastal areas

second, cost support. The main raw material of melamine is urea. With the start of spring ploughing, the price of urea continues to rise, mostly by 80 ~ 100 yuan compared with that before the Spring Festival, and the high is more than 150 yuan. This has stronger support for the bottom of melamine prices

third, the operating load has been reduced. Due to the tight supply of natural gas and liquid ammonia in Southwest China, there are many melamine parking manufacturers; In Shandong, Henan and other places, because urea is better than melamine market, some enterprises directly sell urea and liquid ammonia instead of continuing to produce melamine. At present, the overall operating load of melamine is about 50%

however, it is unlikely that the melamine market will improve significantly in the later stage. There are two main reasons: first, affected by the real estate regulation policy, the demand of the plate industry is unlikely to change significantly; Second, exports are still relatively sluggish. In January, China's melamine exports were 8765 tons, down 53.89% year-on-year and 0.43% month on month. In the future, all walks of life have higher and higher requirements for materials, and it is expected that there is a greater possibility of a small increase in stability

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