Analysis on the development of domestic polyethyle

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Analysis of the development of the domestic polyethylene market

the domestic polyethylene market is dominated by high-level consolidation, with some markets rising slightly. In North China/Northeast China/East China, the high voltage/low voltage is increased by about RMB/ton; The linear ex factory price in North China/South China decreased by yuan/ton. There are still not many high-pressure goods in the market, and the quotation of traders is strong. Some brands are close to 16000 yuan/ton, and most prices are around 14000 yuan/ton; Linear quotation declined slightly in some regions, but the range was not large; Low voltage quotation is relatively stable. At present, the rise of petrochemicals supports the supply of goods in the market at high prices, but the resistance in the downstream spreads, insisting on a small amount of goods on demand. High price transactions are always under pressure, and the overall trading is general. Recently, the market has limited power to follow the rise, and has entered the consolidation stage. The mentality of high market efficiency tends to be cautious, and the South China/North China linear ex factory price correction is beginning to appear. Therefore, businesses should be alert to the recent market correction. If there is no technology, there will be no initiative, and cautious operation is better. At present, the quotation of LLDPE in North China is shown in Figure 2. The utilization of some improved emission performance is 00 yuan/ton, the quotation of LLDPE in East China is yuan/hd=100- L/0.025 tons, and the quotation of LLDPE in South China is yuan/ton

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