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Analysis on the development of adhesive products in the international market

there are tens of thousands of varieties of adhesives, and the annual consumption of adhesives in the world is about 20million tons. They have been applied in aerospace, aviation, chemical industry, machinery, metallurgy, packaging, construction, automobile and other industries, and have reached thousands of households. Social progress has also promoted the continuous development of bonding technology, and new varieties continue to emerge

according to statistics, the total consumption of adhesives in the world in 2001 was about 17million tons, including 41% in the United States, 34% in Europe, 10% in Japan and 15% in other regions. It is expected to reach 20million tons in 2002. The use distribution of adhesives in the United States: the packaging industry accounts for 25%, construction accounts for 10%, and others account for 65%. In Europe, Germany, Britain and France account for 30% of paper, 28% of architecture and 42% of others. Japan's total consumption is 1.7 million tons, with wood processing industry accounting for 40%, construction industry accounting for 20%, packaging industry accounting for 15%, and other industries accounting for 25%

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