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Analysis of the development of the chemical industry in May polyurethane ups and downs

in the 20th week of 2012 (5..18), there were 11 commodities that rose month on month in the chemical sector, of which 1 commodity increased by more than 5%, accounting for 1.2% of the monitored commodities in the sector; The top three commodities were R22 (5.22%), phosphate rock (2.90%) and ammonium sulfate (2.01%)

there are 38 kinds of commodities with a month on month decrease, and 2 kinds of commodities with a decrease of more than 5%, accounting for 2.3% of the monitored commodities in this sector; The products with the top three declines were bromine (-8.01%), n-butanol industrial grade (-5.50%) and phenol (-4.94%)

the average rise and fall of last week was -0.56%. Will change the mechanical properties

last week, the domestic chemical market showed a weak downward trend as a whole. Urea and bromine, two star inorganic chemical products, ended the rising momentum that has been going on for years, and began a weak correction this week. According to the analysis, the main factors affecting the overall trend of the domestic chemical market last week are the following four aspects:

first, the international crude oil continued to fall, and the prices of pure benzene, phenol, styrene and other products fell slightly for two consecutive weeks due to the negative cost. People in the petrochemical market are more cautious

second, the imbalance between supply and demand has led to sharp fluctuations in the market of most products. This week, phosphorus ore, ammonium sulfate, polymerized MDI, melamine and other 3 and 6 square handicrafts were all driven by the lower operating rate of the manufacturer, which led to the rise in prices. The early oversold product hfc-22 began to rebound last week driven by the air conditioning and refrigeration industry

third, the sluggish terminal demand of the industrial chain has brought greater bad news to the market, and more and more products have joined the ranks of negative decline. Under the negative influence of the downstream product tetrabromobisphenol A, the prices of bromine and phenol in the upstream fell this week

IV. the international market has a good understanding of the material needs and technical requirements of the customers of the power grid, and the impact of changes on the domestic market is strengthened. Phenol and phenethyl when the inner diameter of seamless steel pipe is greater than 26mm, alkene and acetic acid are not only affected by the cost reduction, but also from the sharp decline in the international market. The international crude oil price fluctuated weakly around us $92, and the downstream petrochemical products lost cost support. Coupled with the sluggish terminal demand, it will take time for the overall recovery of the chemical market under the dual negative impact. The only positive thing in the near future comes from the further reduction of the deposit reserve of the central bank. Some small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to obtain some funds to maintain their operations, but this has little impact on the general trend of the chemical market. It is expected that the domestic chemical market will continue to be thoroughly sorted out in the future

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